Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Musings.....

Day 37 - Texas is jealous of Robs new toys and wanted to get in the play pen
Ok MoM! It ain't funny no more could I PLEASE get out of Rob's Play pen!?!?
Its funny to me (Erin) how quickly my dogs settle back into the routine of having three dogs. Its almost as if they are relieved things are back to "normal" again. I'm relieved they are back to normal again! 
Though Texas is quite "jealous" of any attention shown to Rob, as you saw in the last post, he wants to play with him and tolerates most of his antics pretty well. Bubbles as well has settled back into her role as the eldest. 

She gives Caesar Milans "Calm & Assertive" definition a whole new meaning. While Texas has to be very vocal towards Rob about leaving him alone, Bubbles just exudes "assertiveness" though not in a dominate way, its just you don't mess with Bubbles. She's not growled or snapped at puppy but just shifts her body language and he backs down. Rob is actually quite taken with her and cuddles up to her every chance he can get, she doesn't mind it and its quite cute. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how he'll fit into my "pack". 

Erin & Co.


Cole said...

I'm glad Texas and Bubbles are so open to having a new pup join the pack. :-)

I hope you put up pictures of Rob and Bubbles snuggling. I'd bet it's absolutely adorable!

Sandra said...

Glad to hear everyone is starting to find their place and getting along. I bet Rob will be a great addition. Can't wait to see his progress.

3 doxies said...

Good to knows Tex is jealous...nows I may haves me some blackmail materials.
Thanks fur da heads up:)


houndstooth said...

I always laugh about those pack dynamics, too! Lilac always has had a "don't mess with this" aura that young dogs especially seem to just sense. I have a feeling Rob and Texas are going to amuse us a lot this year!