Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The War Between the States

Meet Georgia. 
This photo is a representation of Georgia. 
A rough and tough Yorkie-poo, who came to live with our neighbors several months ago. At almost eight months old, she has quickly made her presence around the neighborhood well known. Like most little dogs, Georgia is one rough and tough little girl, and is not about to let Texas upsurp her claim on being the loudest, meanest dog around. 

Well except that she hasn't bitten anyone.. yet... 

Prior to Georgia's arrival, Rusty the big dopey golden retriever, was the one who got picked up by Texas. 
A representation of the dog known as Rusty.
Texas + Big Dogs = PUBLIC ENEMY #1 

***Please no one tell him he's been living with a big dog for.....his entire life, it might just crush his already shattered ego..

Rusty would slip under his fence into our yard, and happily lope around, with Texas and Bubbles hot on his heels, ready to vanquish the foe. Once Texas got a mouthful of Fur and Rusty didn't do anything, Texas would wander off and do whatever, while Rusty pounced on poor unsuspecting Pompei. (at the time.) 

However, since Georgia has entered the picture, for one, they both stay in the yard more, and two, Texas is not so eager to go and tell them what's up. Why?

Because Georgia has no qualms about chasing him right back and nipping him if need be.  

Texas has tried only a couple of times, to venture in their yard, before deciding the punishment risk was too great, and that he can bark just as easily from the other side of the fence. Its kind of amusing to see him get a taste of his own medicine..

The squalling that emits from this dog is nothing short of girly. 

The big wimp. 
Rusty and Georgia escaped their confines and were terrorizing my dogs with their presences


houndstooth4 said...

I admit, it always amuses me to see the similar things happen, too!  Poor Texas, though!

Sam said...

What a funny pic!  Dogs are so complicated sometimes, aren't they?


Anakin Man said...

Thank you for the visit on our bloggy in regards to our sissy Josie--
Your words were comforting,
IzZY, TriXie and Anakin Man

Kalyxcornucopia said...

NICE air!! and i totally get the 'hood wars.  just ask the neighbor bassets!! :) b

Cody the Puppy said...

I'm not a fan of big dogs either, Texas!  Those big hairy golden colored ones are my least favorite, but I also get upset when I see big black dogs like your friend, Rob.  Maybe I shouldn't be so judgmental!