Monday, June 6, 2011

Remember Lacy?

She's back for the week while her peoples are gone on a vacation. Her has a boy named Fisher who loves, loves, loves, loves, her so he was really, really, really, really, sad to leave her wit us. So mom has to send him pictures of her on her cell phone,so he is not too sad about her stayin behind. He told his mom that he wanted to stay at mom's house with Lacy too. But mom had to say no cause he couldn't stay in a crate while she was gone. BOL! 
Lacy is only two years older then me, but she doesn't like to play much. I tried to get her too, but we just bounced around each other than laid down and went to sleeps. 

Even Rob is bein a good boy around her, mom was afraid he's harrass her to death like he does me an Bubbles, but he hasn't so yay for that. 

Ummm yep I think that its. OH! Yeah mom did FINALLY let me ride wit her and Rob when they went to give something to a lady so that was cool. How was your weekend?
Lacy's first night here. Making herself at home
Lacy really likes moms bed. But she isn't allowed there any longer
Rob and Lacy checking out the yard
Me given her the "grand tour"
Me and Rob
Her and Bubbles on the couch


Frankie Furter said...

Oh how FUN.. it is always soooooo grrrreat to have a FUREND visit.    I hope that Lucy and all of you will be able to make it to the Big Blogville Picnic and take Pawt in all of the fun activities. 

Bailey said...

You guys are being nice to her and helping her adjust to being without her boy.  That is so kind. 

Jacksdad said...

Please tell Lucy that Jack says hello and have a great vacation!

houndstooth4 said...

I remember when Lacy was around!  It's so good to see that her family loves her so much, even though it's tough to be apart!