Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today kind started fast, and then slowed, and then sped up again. We were supposed to meet with my A/C around 1:00PM, but she called around 9:00AM, say that she wouldn't be able to meet us, until later...could we come earlier?

So ok, we could do early. So we started rushing around, getting dressed, pottying and feeding all five dogs...etc..etc..
Only to get another call, and have the times be switched too later in the we decided to go see the family.

Rei was overjoyed to see everyone, and they here; we stayed out and talked and took pictures for over and hour, while the other dogs ran around and played.
Rei greets the Family
Happy to see everyone!
Rei and her Puppy Walking Family
Kacie, Erin and Rei

Eden being Eden
Eden was nervous around all the new people :(
The Family greeting Rei, and Ben tries to get some attention

After that we put Ben, Bubbles and Texas in the house, and loaded Eden and Rei into the car, for the long drive to A******e. We arrived around 2:30, and I drove Kacie by our "old-but-still-not-sold-house*, and tried to track down my neighbor, who so kindly let us use her yard, while Rei was a puppy. But she was out of a while, so we headed on to my A/C's house.

There we sat and chatted, while all six dogs ran around the yard.
Deacon - Vizla, SAM - Golden, Eden - Goldendoodle, and Astrid - Lab
More Dogs playing
Deacon and Rei
Dogs playing
Once we were done there, we dropped by my old neighborhood once more, and this time was able to catch my neighbor; who was very happy to get to see Rei, and meet Kacie as well.
Eden and Rei
Rei and Eden
::Rei and Eden on the way home, Eden seems to be used as a pillow a lot::
It was a long, but fun day. I was pretty tired as was Kacie, but the dogs had all just gotten their second wind...and bounced and played, and tore into toys, and stole from each other and got on each others nerves...etc..etc..
Rei and Ben
Rei and Texas
Rei and Texas couldn't decide if they liked each other at first, but they got over it....sort of.... :D


The Brax Blog said...

Wow I bet your were happy to see Rei again!
I still haven't been able to meet Brax's new owner!

Frankie's trainer

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

ha! that was kind of a funny start to the day--hehehe!!! the piccies look fantastic! thanks for sharing!

Raising Addie said...

Great pix!!

We can see that Eden could be mistaken for a fluffy pillow!

Glad you guys had fun!

Chasing my tale...
Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

StellaStar said...

Eden looks like a great pillow. I hope you had a great weekend!

Katie in MA said...

What a wonderful time for all! So glad it worked out.

That Vizsla wouldn't be GDF affiliated, would it??? I heard rumors about those being added to the curious!! :)