Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend we worked "overtime" taking Ben all over the place, to fundraisers, and a friends Graduation. He handled it all like a bro, not phased by screaming or yelling peoples, crowds, or the shakiness of the bleachers!

You would never know that he hadn't been doing this all his life! He's enjoying this as well!!

Today I took him to the dog bark, and he ran, and ran, and ran, and ran!!
Ben stands in his coat
Ben modeling an Vols Orange and tan Vest from Wilderwood Service Dogs :D

@Wilderwood Fundraiser
Ben at the Fundraiser
::He likes sitting with his legs crossed, he is at his ultimate comfort level there ;)::
10-Month-Old Corbin, is a bouviar
Ben @the Graduation Photos
Ben @Graduation
Ben chilling on the bleachers
Ben and Fisher
::Ben and his new friend Fisher::
Me and Ben
Ben the two of us need look no more! We've both found what we've were looking for!.....:D

Great Weekend, I'm so proud of him I could bust!!!


Mason Dixie said...

He looks very pleased of himself too. Great job. =)

StellaStar said...

He's such a regal looking dog, what with his paws crossed like that and all...and he looks very dashing in his vest.

StellaStar said...

Hello Erin, Bubs, Tex & Ben! It's your lucky day because I'm awarding you an award! The rules and stuff are on my blog :)

Madison and Andros said...

He's such a pretty dog! Sounds like he's doing well on his road to service work!

Martha Basset said...

Congratulations on your graduation! Loved the paws crossed - this years must have look! Stay chilled.
Martha & Bailey xx

Chow Chow said...

Ben makes a super handsome doggie model!

Chow Chow said...

Ben makes a super handsome doggie model!