Friday, August 28, 2009

Ira - Day 4

Ira has know been with me for four days now, and I believe she's starting to respond to me. The first week or so, I don't expect much from the dog, because they are normally really stressed about the whole home switch.
3 pics of Ira
Ira hasn't shown as much as some of my others, but she is stressed. Thursday was the first full day I had with her, as I had to work allll day Wednesday unfortunately.

I spent most of the day puppy proofing, and where her out, as wow does she love to chew!! Paper, Shoes, Cords, Cardboard, if it looks good she wants to try it! I have one word for that...or two: Adolescences and Teething. What I can't remember is when they stop teething...(It has been 8-months since I've had a young dog! :))
Chewing on a kong
Ira trying to squeeze on small blue couch chewing on ball

Once I'd picked up everything I could possibly move, I knew it was time to go out and exercise. This dog is obsessed with balls. She would die chasing a ball I'd believe, so I used that time to practice our commands.

Sit/Wait - Throw ball ( that took her a while to get)
Sit/Wait -1,2,3 - Throw Ball
Sit/Wait - 5, 6, 7, 8 - Throw Ball

By the time we were finished, she and Texas were slept for the next couple of hours and when she tore apart my flip-flop, I knew it was time to do something constructive again. ::grins::
Me holding a ball, with Texas and Ira in the background
So we went out and did some more command work, and then came back in and I went back over the possible "chew toys" (not) and made sure lots of other toys were readily available. Heh.

I had some shopping to do, so everyone went back outside to play, some of the kids from church were out, and they wore Texas, Ira and themselves out with the balls. (They were chasing them as well :)

After putting the dogs up, Ira and I hit up Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, and Target in the rain, before heading to Salarista's to meet a friend for dinner. She did great through all of our outings, even though she did chew apart my flip-flop while laying quietly under the table.
Ira in Target 1
Oh well, I needed an excuse to get new shoes anyways. That will teach me to a.) bring a toy for her or b.) keep my feet in my shoes!!

But once I removed my shoes from her reach, she curled up and slept until it was time to go. I love her size, since it makes its nice and easy to squeeze her into small places!

Is it too early to say I"m going to miss this face come December??
Tomorrow Bubbles and Texas will be going to get their yearly vaccines. Texas is such a weenie when it comes to shots, and this being a different vet this last time (one he doesn't know) should be....interesting to say the least.

Wish Us Luck!

Erin, Bubbles, Texas and Ira

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