Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week of Work

Hey Everyone,

Time for the weekly update of our clan. The great thing about working with Service Dogs, is no matter how busy you are, you don't have to neglect your dog.

Because he's with you!

Ben and I have been going none stop almost all week it seems like. I have implemented some new restraints on myself,money wise, and have tried to grocery shop once a month.

So Monday he and I trucked through store, after store. The Poor guy was sooo tired by the time we headed home; he crashed. But he did great, no pulling, sitting for petting. Yay!
Ben in the car

Tuesday- I held a one on one class with one of our new foster families, Ben was the demo dog, and did fabulously! After that headed out to Wilderwood's Puppy Kennels, one of our puppies was heading to his new foster home, so we were there to meet with his new family, and send him on his way.
Texas on his beds
Wednesday - I worked pretty much all day.

Thursday - Our one and only day of rest. Though we went out to eat with friends that evening. Ben I believe may be claustrophobic, as he had a hard time settling down in the small space we were in.
Friday - The weeks craziest day, my poor dogs were sooo neglected, I was able to give them a short walk before I left for work, by the time I got off work, bought dog food, and got home, I only had an hour before I had to get ready to go over to Asheville. (which is about 1.5 hrs away.)
Got home at 2:30AM.

Saturday - Scrambled out of bed, dove into some clothes, made up some kongs, and dashed Ben out the door. Only when I was about 15 minutes away, did I realize I forgot to give Bubbles and Texas their KONG's, and FORGOT MY CAMERA!!!!
I was headed back out to WSD's Kennels for another puppy pick up, and wanted to get pics of all the little guys, but alas and alack.
Texas,Me and Ben
Maybe next time! The babies were sooooooo cute, I kept threatening to take one with me! I miss having a baby puppy in the house. *sniff*

As it turns out it was probably a good thing I didn't give B & T KONG's while I was gone, since Bubbles decided to fight Texas over it. While he needed his little butt whooped, I don't allow that in my house, so the poor KONG has been sitting on the bookshelf all by his lonesome. :((
Me and Texas
This next week holds lots of new adventures and changes for us, Can We Do It? YES WE CAN!


Sarah and Doniphan said...

what a busy woman! although i was expecting a daily post ;) JK! glad everything and everyone is doing great.

Raising Addie said...

OH my you are soooo busy!

You are the luckiest to get to take the dogs that you are training with you everywhere!

What type of collar do you use on your pups to help you train them on not to pull?

And what type of collar do you use on your Doxies while training?

Hope you had a relaxing weekend!


Scout 'n Freyja said...

WOWZA! Our momma said that she got all tired just reading about all of the stuff you did all week! It rained here most of the time so it was pretty boring for us...sigh.

Come on over today and help us get the word out to the Eagles about Mr. Vick! We has a furry im-paw-tant bloggy post taday!

Sarah and Doniphan said...

what a busy woman! although i was expecting a daily post ;) JK! glad everything and everyone is doing great.