Saturday, August 15, 2009

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Weekends {by Buddy}

Dear Furpals,
It is with a joyful heart, that I bring to you, an excerpt from a book, I am writing called:

"When Humans Over Sleep"
Chapter 2
Available July 2019

When Humans Oversleep - Book CoverThis chapter deals with the 5 ways to awake your human,if he or she has overslept. This is something I have to deal with frequently with my current human, cause she is sooo lazy.
There area couple nice approaches that I want to bring out, and the first one is:

The "Stand-at-the-side-of-the-bed-and-look-cute", this is the nicest of approaches, and can only be done with the sensitive humans; so if you have a really gullible human, this one might work for you.

Second would be the "sweetly-lick-hand-or-face-if-close-to-edge-of-bed". In this technique, you are approaching the bed, quietly, and gently telling your human, that he/she needs to get up. If your human likes doggy kisses, you are more likely to get a smile out of them this way. My human doesn't, so I'm more likely to get swatted. (EDITORS NOTE:REFLEX ONLY PEOPLE!!!)

The next one is the "stand-at-the-door-and-whine", this one is a little bit more aggressive, as it makes the human think you need to go potty, (I would advise loud, long moans, and short barks for this one). But I have found this one will back fire, sometimes, as the human will let you out, and then go back to bed. Pottying inside, will defiantly help them stay up longer, and increase the chances of them not going back to sleep.

Those are all good and well, for some of you, (*coughTexas* *coughBubbles*), but when I wake up my human, I want her to be WIDE awake, and in a state of mind, to take me outside, walk me, and feed me.

This process is a multi-step process, so kids get out your pens and notepads. *ahem*

Step 1: as soon as you here that bizarre ringing thing, go off, jump up, and run to the side of the bed.If there is no movement from the human, hop on to the bed, and peer into their face.

If the eyes are still shut, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Began washing humans face vigorously with lots of slobber, this is sure to cause them to at LEAST stir. Most will probably push your head away, or bury their head under the pillows.

Do not be discourage if the happens, as its time for step three.

Step 3: Lay down beside human, in my case, Bubbles and Texas are in the bed, so my laying down, is normally on them. (Ohwell)

Step 4: Stick paws in humans, face, and lick.

Step 5: Roll onto Human, with full weight, continue with step 4.

Now if you have a stubborn human like I do, they might fake getting up, and do something like sit up and look at the clock.
The mistake I make here, is getting off the bed at this point. Because as soon as I get off, she lays BACK DOWN!!?
Ben Collage

Sometimes I'll give in and let her have a few more minutes,but as soon as that ringy thing goes off again, immediately start with step 5 and repeat, also inlisting help of your furry housemates will help as well.

When human yells something like:"OK ALL DOGS OFF THE BED".

You know your job is complete.

Editors Note: See what I have to put up with in the mornings? He only started the body slamming/rolling onto thing this morning. New tactic I suppose. *eye roll*

Out on the Town {by: Texas}

Ok so decided that I need more socialization etc, for some reason, I mean I'm already the awesomest dog she has, but it was cool, cause she doesn't take places a lot like she used to. Well that and I like to scream at everyone and anything walk or moving outside of the vehicle, and I'm worse on leash.
Ben and Texas in the backseat of the car
She hasn't taken me out on leash in places other than at home, so she said this was going to be an adventure. We parked in this big dark place, and only Bubbles and I got out. As soon as we started to leave that place there were like THREE dogs out there and I KNEW they were laughing at me. And I don't take that offa NOBODY, and cause Bubbles is a great sister,she joined in until Mom told us to "Look" and "Sit".

Ok so its hard to do that and bark at them, at the same time, so we did what she asked, and got a treat for it. And we were able to move on. Than someone dared to walk past me...and I had to yell at them for that.

So mom picked me up, and corrected me every time I tried to yell at someone. So I decided being quiet was better...and more rewarding. :))
Texas and Bubbles
::Seriously Mom? In front of the garbage can?"::
And since I was being quiet, she put me down, and we got to walk around downtown, and smell all kinds of new things, and see new places. And I didn't even bark a single time else! Not even when there was a bird right in front of us!!!!

Mom was really happy, and after a little bit we went back to the car, since it was super hot!
Texas laying on the passenger seat of the car
After that, she and Ben kept getting in and out of the car, always real quick,since it was super hot out. But she made sure we had lots of water and were in the shade when she had to leave, but even then was nervous, and shopped real quick!
But we did get a treat for all of our hard work, FROSTY PAWS!! :))
three bowls of dog food with frosty paws in it
::Dinner AND Dessert::
dogs in the kitchen eating their food

After that, we couldn't even move! ...which is why mom is writing this down for me, cause I can't move from the couch!
Texas laid out on the couch
Ben sleep on the floorBubbles on her small couch

See Ya!

- Random Photo: Texas had to get a bath yesterday, for rolling in poop. eeeewww
Texas outside


Kalyxcorn said...

ooh your pups are all so cute! I can never figure out if people go back to read the comments when they ask a question so I thought I would post my response to you question on yr blog here. I made Baxter's harness using fabric I bought from hmm, I think or Here's a link my post about harnesses - there are simple patterns out there now that are similar to what I made for Baxter.

Carly said...

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Carly said...

Those are some really cute puppies! Oh how I love looking at them! You might also want to take a look at these dogs who are very eager to find someone to take good care of them. Help Save A Dog: