Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Weekend {by Buddy}

Hey Gang,
WOW has Mom been busy!! One of her friends was getting, married this weekend, and she was the pianist for the wedding, so Friday she was in a real big hurry. Since I had gone out on Thursday, it was Daniels turn to go with her, so she took him too the rehearsal with her.

She said he was an angel, sit/waiting at the end of the buffet table while she got her food, and then laying quietly at her feet while they went through the rehearsal. Halfway through one of her siblings took him, and the kids played with him, while mom practiced and practiced.

FINALLY they came back, and she let us run around outside, it was weird playing in the dark, but fun!

Saturday, she was gone a really, really, really long time. She didn't take either of us, cause she said it was too hot.(the wedding was outdoors) I'm like WHATEVER.

When she came back, she played with us for a little bit...AND LEFT AGAIN! ugh. So basically Saturday was a really boring day for us dogs, though she did let us do the whole play outside in Daniel - Goldendoodle 2the dark thing.

Sunday, it was my turn to go out, and I escorted my mom and a big group of her friends, to a restaurant. They all ooed and aahed over me, (Cause I'm sooo handsome) I didn't pull at all, and laid very quietly under her chair while they ate. I even slept a tiny bit, but its more interesting to watch the people walk by.

Today Mom took Daniel to a different trainer, so he could start learning more autism skills. She took me too, cause she wanted to see if I would pull harder in a newer surroundings. Well as we were walking out of the parking garage, we almost ran into a lady talking on her phone.

She didn't realize what she was looking at when she saw Daniel (I'm guessing) and was scrambling to get out of our way!! It was quite funny.

But Daniel and I walked through downtown, on a mostly loose leash, and had fun doing it!!! (The clicker thing is awesome!)

After Daniel left, Mom and I walked around Downtown, and I didn't pull much at all, she even convinced me to walk over a couple of grates; once realizing what they were I would hop over them. HA.

Then we went home. Played, ate dinner, and played some more once it got cool. I hate having to wait so long to outside, but mom says its good for us. whatever.

It was really dark when mom put, Me, Bubbles and Texas into the car, I was very confused, because we don't go out when its night time much; apparently Mom had to go get some food for her siblings, so she took us along. She and I marched into Wal-Mart, (me NOT pulling of course), got our stuff, I down/waited while she checked out, and we left!!!

I am soo good.

Ben in the car leaning over the seat
Anyways its waay past my bedtime, so I'm signing off here!
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P.S. (Mom has not called me Buddy almost the entire time she's had me! But its ok, I respond to either name to make it easier on her :)


Life With Dogs said...

Don't you love how humans switch names on you with regularity? How confusing!
I love these pics - the light and color saturation are perfect. :)

Twix said...

Quite the busy weekend you had! It sounds like you were a very good dog while you were out and about too! Great job!