Friday, May 29, 2009


Last night, Bubbles gave my family and I, the scare of our lives. By dissapearing for 6 hours!!!

We'd all been outside talking, some friends had taken my youngest siblings to Dollywood for the day, and had just got back. All the dogs were out running around as was everyone else.

Bubbles had found some sort of creature by the air conditioning unit, and was busy trying to dig it out. Well my dad had the bright idea, to see if she could find the creature, that was haunting the crawl space of their house.

So he opened the door and let her in. My exact words were: "You are not going to be able to get her out of there, unless you drag her out." But a second later she came bouncing
back out, and went back to A/C unit.

A little while later, the party dispersed, and since my brother wanted Bubbles to spend the night with him, I gathered up Ben and Texas; figuring she would just either come back to my house, or go to the door and bark to be let in. Which is normal for her.

That was around 7:00PM.

Around 9:00PM - My brother comes banging in asking for Bubbles..."No she's up there with you guys!" My brother can be very dramatic at times, and shrieked "WHAT?!?!" And takes off back up the hill. Well...there was no sign of her.

And the search commenced.

By 12:30 we gave up, and just prayed she'd make it back safely.

Sleep as of course hard to come by, as it was raining and storming outside, and I couldn't imagine what anxiety she might be going through!!
Around 2AM, I awoke with a start, as there was a long dachshund body. I switched the light on only to realize it was Texas, but got up to check outside.

Still no sign.

But just 30 minutes later, my brother comes banging on my window.Scared me SILLY of course. But announcing that they had found Bubbles; she had dug a hole under the house and gotten STUCK. *eye-roll*

The hole was under my sisters room, and she kept hearing sounds down there, and when they went back to investigate, all they could see was her butt, she was still digging away, not even caring about the tramua she'd put us all through.

Around 5AM they got her out, and she came back home, wet, a little thirsty, but no worse.

Of course we'd all suffered several heart attacks, during this time. But she's back home now. And pretty much slept all morning.

I'd figured she was pretty close, because Bubbles does not wander, she's off leash most of the time, but she sticks around the houses...if I go in without her, a few minutes later she's at the door barking to be let in.

I also installed a bell on her collar, so I could hear her in the dark...since her recall is non-existent...cause she never runs!

But once she finds something (mouse, rodent etc..) her ears turn off, and she won't come out until she's about to drop from exhaustion.

Which is what I figured had happened....but wow how nerve racking that was!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pleasant Day

Wake Up, Going Outside, Sun Bathing on the Porch, Eating Breakfast, and morning nap

Bubbles and Ben on the porch
Three dogs on the porch

Ben, Texas and Bubbles wait for their food

- Afternoon
Playtime, sleep, roll in stinky stuff, get a bath, go back outside
Ben wants to go for a car ride
::Ben likes going out and about::
Texas standing in the drive way
::Texas waiting for me to catch up::
Dogs Flying
Ben and Texas Playing
::Iz Likz Hot Dogz::

Dinner, Nap on Mom, PLay with Toys, Go outside, Sleeepppp
Headshot of Ben
::I'm pretty and I know it ::
Running Ben

Grinning Ben

#WetWednesday - Texas Speaks

Yo Guys!

Wow have we had a crazzzzyy weekend!! Mom has only told you about a little of it. But it was a blast!! We had like 5 dogs in here, and we played as much as possible!!!!
Rei in HarnessEden in the car part II

The black one is a guide dog, mom had at one time or another, and the orange one is Eden; he's part of the program Ben is in. He wasn't much fun at all, cause he just stayed under mom's desk for most of the time. He did come out a little bit on Sat/Sun and played for a teensy weensy bit.

Anyways they both left on Monday, and we were so tired we slept for like....ALL EVENING.

Tuesday was boring - Mom and Ben left for a while, and then came back and left again. Some dog related stuff.

Today all it did was RAIN! It stopped for a little bit and mom ran us outside for a quick walkie up the hill, to her parents house. Her dryer stopped working so she has to haul her clothes up there to dry them. But while we were there it started to pour!!

But the silly lady didn't just stay inside until it stopped...nooo she had to walk us ALL back HOME in the RAIN! We were all SOAKED by the time we got back.

Anyways as dried off, we broke out all the new toys mom had bought us! Cause when Rei and Eden were here, we all had fun tearing up every toy in the house...cept for the bones. Mom said from this point on she's not buying stuffed toys.
toys 1
I'm just like whatever, cause these new toys are awesome, she's going to get some more, cause we're going to have some more visitors coming soon!

Note from Erin:
When I'm buying toys, I just by for the big dogs....Texas will haul around the biggest toys and have fun so...whats the point of buying little?

Texas's Motto:
If I look at it Its Mine
If I sniff it Its Mine
If I want it Its Mine
If you have it Its Mine
If you are having more fun with it than, I'm having with my current toy ITS MINE. (wow that one was long. lol)
And you know the drill.
num- num, num
Texas chewing on a bone 2
Texas chewing on a bone
As I was telling someone else, I don't make "specialer" allowances for Texas due to his size...mainly because he is the bully of the family!

Little Dog = Big Additude.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today kind started fast, and then slowed, and then sped up again. We were supposed to meet with my A/C around 1:00PM, but she called around 9:00AM, say that she wouldn't be able to meet us, until later...could we come earlier?

So ok, we could do early. So we started rushing around, getting dressed, pottying and feeding all five dogs...etc..etc..
Only to get another call, and have the times be switched too later in the we decided to go see the family.

Rei was overjoyed to see everyone, and they here; we stayed out and talked and took pictures for over and hour, while the other dogs ran around and played.
Rei greets the Family
Happy to see everyone!
Rei and her Puppy Walking Family
Kacie, Erin and Rei

Eden being Eden
Eden was nervous around all the new people :(
The Family greeting Rei, and Ben tries to get some attention

After that we put Ben, Bubbles and Texas in the house, and loaded Eden and Rei into the car, for the long drive to A******e. We arrived around 2:30, and I drove Kacie by our "old-but-still-not-sold-house*, and tried to track down my neighbor, who so kindly let us use her yard, while Rei was a puppy. But she was out of a while, so we headed on to my A/C's house.

There we sat and chatted, while all six dogs ran around the yard.
Deacon - Vizla, SAM - Golden, Eden - Goldendoodle, and Astrid - Lab
More Dogs playing
Deacon and Rei
Dogs playing
Once we were done there, we dropped by my old neighborhood once more, and this time was able to catch my neighbor; who was very happy to get to see Rei, and meet Kacie as well.
Eden and Rei
Rei and Eden
::Rei and Eden on the way home, Eden seems to be used as a pillow a lot::
It was a long, but fun day. I was pretty tired as was Kacie, but the dogs had all just gotten their second wind...and bounced and played, and tore into toys, and stole from each other and got on each others nerves...etc..etc..
Rei and Ben
Rei and Texas
Rei and Texas couldn't decide if they liked each other at first, but they got over it....sort of.... :D

Friday, May 22, 2009


Happy to see each other!!

Erin and Rei
* Rei 2nd puppy I raised for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind*

Rei and Kacie came down to visit with me this weekend, and wow Rei has not changed!
Although its been two years since I've seen her, she did not forget me!!! As soon as I got out of the car, she recognized me, and Kacie said her tail started wagging faster than she'd seen it go!!

Well in harness, she knows what she's supposed to do, and she does it without complaint, take her out of harness, she's the whirlwind Rei that we knew and loved.

All the excitement of the dogs in my house, has really had her wound up, so she's been really keeping thing stirred up this evening.

She still gets in the bath tub for water, she can still catch tossed items in her mouth, she still screams when left on tie-down, though she doesn't pull nearly as hard as I remember....or maybe I'm just used to walking Eden and Ben lol. She still likes to drag around her blanket, and will scarf down her food faster than you can blink.

Compared to Ben, she seems so short and stocky, but its all pure muscle I believe! LOL

Its really surreal to watch her work with Kacie, I'm just like...that's "MY" dog doing that????

Tomorrow, we're going to A******e to visit with my A/C for a little bit. And show Kacie around Rei's hometown!

I just can't believe she's here!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meet Eden

Meet Eden
He's a fluffy haired, lovable 8-month-old, Goldendoodle, who wants to be made into a Service Dog when he grows up. We at the TPR Pet Resort, are glad to have him visiting with us this weekend, while his foster family is out of town, for the Holiday!

Eden and Bubbles

He's slowly acclimating to our house, and was quite nervous at first, so he mostly just hung out under the desk with Bubbles.
But by the time, I came home from church tonight, he was wagging and greeting me like a long lost friend. His foster family has really worked hard with him, and it shows! He and my dogs demonstrate the "Wait/Stay" command.
Group of dogs waiting at the door

He's not going to be a little guy, as you can see! In about two more months, he'll be entering his Advanced Training, and perhaps I'll have him for a time!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Busy Weekend

First, we want to thank Stella and Roo for this Lovely blog award :D

The rules are:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to up to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

But guess what! I'll let whoever drops by has this award! YAY!!

Ben: Mom kept pretty busy this weekend, though she didn't take us...well she took us on a long car ride, then we had to stay at her mom and dads house while she went and did a bunch of stuff, for a really long time. That was very boring, and then it rained all day on Sunday, and we had to stay in the house, for another long time. And the trip home was no fun, cause we were all squished in the car!

It was another graduation thing I think, I didn't get to go cause it was at a Church, and churches are supposedly private places....dunno, but that's what I'm told!

Anyways today we woke up kind of early, and we ALL got into the car! ....well all means me, mom and Texas. Bubbles spent the night at her grandpups house.. ?

We drove out to this house, and mom went inside for a little bit, then she came back and let me AND Texas come inside. Turns out these people had a great backyard, and two other dogs to play with! WOWZERS!!!

I had fun, running laps around the yard!! I tried to get their Blue Tick puppy, to play with me, but she was scared of me I think. The Golden Puppy (who is a wilderwood dog like me) played with me for a little bit, and then she went to hang out with the people.

So I ran around the yard some more by myself! Texas was actually good for once, and didn't growl or bark at anyone! That's cause they ignored him before trying to pet him.
Mom says thats called "PRoGRess".

I'm just like "whatevs."

After that we drove to a store, and walked around there for a little bit, and then drove to another store. This store though was for dogs, cause they had all KINDS of YUMMY smells, I wanted to to run around the store, but mom was being all boring and just stood in once place looking at stuff.

So I just flopped down at her feet, until she was finished;

Mom took us home after that.

Ben and Texas in the Car Take 2
Ben and Texas in the Car
:: Thats Texas and me on the ride home!::
Ben in the LIving Room
::We're Home now!::
Ben on the Pillow

Here I am moping, cause MOM DIDN'T FEED ME DINNER!?!??! What is UP with THAT!?!?
She said something like "Vet" and "appointment", well who cares about that? I'm HUNGRY!!

And than, this morning, she made us get up super early, and we drove, and drove, and drove, to we came to this place; she went in and wrote somethings down, and then gave me to the lady, AND SHE LEFT ME!!!!

For Diary Purpose: (My Weight is 70.8lbs)

Then i went to sleep.

When I woke up, mom was there again, with a bunch of stuff in her hands, boy was I glad to see her, cause my stomach had been hurting a lot, and stuff like that.
Unfortunately, I had a ......... ....... a ..........a a aa accident. in the car, mom wasn't mad, though she just had to stop at the store to buy stuff to clean up with.

Than finally we came home; and now I must sleep cause ....
I'm ge....
Ben sleeps

P.S.( No Worries! Ben didn't go to the vet for anything serious, just to get his teeth cleaned and his hips x-rayed. They think the anesthesia cause him diarrhea, so he's on meds/ a special diet for that!)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dachshund Dash!

Texas would love to do something like this! These were hilarious, Bubbles would have been one of the ones staring at their humans if is they were crazy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend we worked "overtime" taking Ben all over the place, to fundraisers, and a friends Graduation. He handled it all like a bro, not phased by screaming or yelling peoples, crowds, or the shakiness of the bleachers!

You would never know that he hadn't been doing this all his life! He's enjoying this as well!!

Today I took him to the dog bark, and he ran, and ran, and ran, and ran!!
Ben stands in his coat
Ben modeling an Vols Orange and tan Vest from Wilderwood Service Dogs :D

@Wilderwood Fundraiser
Ben at the Fundraiser
::He likes sitting with his legs crossed, he is at his ultimate comfort level there ;)::
10-Month-Old Corbin, is a bouviar
Ben @the Graduation Photos
Ben @Graduation
Ben chilling on the bleachers
Ben and Fisher
::Ben and his new friend Fisher::
Me and Ben
Ben the two of us need look no more! We've both found what we've were looking for!.....:D

Great Weekend, I'm so proud of him I could bust!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Vedaand Texas

Need I say anymore?
I did see Veda yesterday, and he's doing just fine, jumped all over me to let me know he "missed" me....(heh).

Ben went on his first outings today, we went to the Library and PetSafe Dog Daycare, he did great in both places. If he could talk...I think he would be saying something like this:

"Oh wow are we going in here? Huh we are? WhOA what's this place, LOOK at this, OOMG a kid, canIgoseehercannaIplease?please?please? No? ok! What else is here?SIt?ok i'll sit, but check out this smell...."and on and on.

Which is just fine! We'd rather him be excited to be a place than freaked out! I believe he was born to be a service dog, just took a little bit longer to find that out.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Month Day!

I actually remembered on the day! Texas is 10-months-old today.
He's going through a little stage now, were he "forgets" his potty training? Yes so, he's been a real "joy" to have around lately.

In the mornings, I'll put them outside on their long-lines, so they don't run into the road. But Mr. has not been too happy about that lately, so to "get back" at me, he'll just stand on the porch and not even attempt to use the bathroom outside.

So he's been getting plunked right back into his crate until he goes...I've also learned to keep him in my sights until he goes!!

*sigh* May this stage be over soooon.
Texas-10 Months
::Texas's has a chronic ear flip....they never stay in place!! lol::