Saturday, May 8, 2010

Playing Catch Up

The first event we attended during our blogging break, was our April Puppy Meeting, held at Chimney Rock. We normally set up a tent during the Bark in the Park event, to try and get the word out their about our group in Asheville. This year there was a really small turn out, due in part to the yucky weather headed our way. Their were only three GDF pups in attendance...Pompei, Mensa (10mo standard poodle), and PJ (1yo MYL). Pompei behaved himself beautifully and earned a new collar! :)
{Pompei was upgraded to a bigger jacket}
The next event for us, was an 8 mile hike too Ramsey Cascades, in which we found out that dog's we're allowed in the park. The hard way. Click HERE for photos of that adventure..Pompei loved every minute of the hike. I don't know why I was worried he wouldn't last!?
Pompei spots a SQUIRREL! But he didn't know it was the enemy and let it pass. Please forgive him fellow Dogglers.
A personal event would be finishing this semestor, but that's not too photo worthy; but he's done really well this semester, sure we had some bumpy points but as my area coordinator says.."If they were perfect we wouldn't have them!" I believe my english teacher is planning on raising a puppy as well! Pompei hit is his six month birthday on Thursday, I had to work all day so he at least got a frozen KONG, while I was gone. Not that he cared overly much! Though this month is a little different than our past "month-days" as his energy levels have spiked greatly. Which is good because we plan on lots more adventures planned for each summer!

Happy Six Months Pomps!!!
Also a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Rei and her handler Kacie, for completing a mini marathon! 13.1 miles!! So proud of my baby!! How can I not help give someone the opportunity to do something like this?

Erin and company


houndstooth said...

Pompeii is starting to look like a real guide dog and not such a puppy anymore! Wow!

kissa-bull said...

frozen kongs sound most nommylicious

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack

Sandra said...

Way to go Pompeii you are growing up so fast! Also love the off the shoulder style you were rocking with the new jacket. Sexy! You are doing great and your mom has lots to be proud of. You're a cutie pie for sure.

Flash, Alven and Dottie

Sarah and Vance said...

yay Rei!! So glad to hear an update about her :) Pompeii looks like he did excellent too!