Friday, June 25, 2010

Bubbles Tells a Tail

Ok So mom said I had to write about this because she is too sick to think much, though if you ask me, she didn't look sick when she screamed and dashed outside. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I also think our friend Puddles will get a kick out of the story.
Puddles dear, this is what you should do when encountering strange animals inside your home. Ok?
All other dachshunds take notes as well, others...well.. I'm sorry but you don't have the keen sense we have been bred to have, so it would be moot for you too take note. I know this sounds harsh but I'm sure you  are good for something. That no can figure out.
But I digress.
This story really started last week sometime when I began to detect the disgusting smell of RODENT. Those who know me, know that I hate these things more than cats. And that's saying something there.
I will not rest until I have vanquished this enemy or Mom has finally got her stupid butt screaming self off the couch and trapped it. Humans are so stupid sometimes.
I sat up late into the nights watching the areas I'd spotted the smell at intently. Mom being..well...human didn't want to admit that yet another rodent had invaded her home, and steadfastly ignored my signals, and tried to force me to sleep at night. I did eventually aquise, as she can be...very mean grumpy at 3AM.
I told her I get my sleep while she neglects us to go do whatever she does during the day. But she didn't care.
It wasn't until last night that I actually spotted the little monster with my own eyes. It was around 4:30am, when I saw it scramble over mom's bookcase and behind it.
TIP #1 - NEVER ALERT THE ENEMY TO YOUR PRESENCE WITH STUPID THINGS LIKE BARKING. Texas makes that mistake all the time and scares the prey enemy away. Drives me nuts to work with him!

So I sat up and monitored the case, ready to pounce if he happened to peek his stupid little nose out. Mom was getting annoyed and put me in bed, and made me stare there,but I kept a vigil but didn't move.
That's when mom heard it.
The scrabble of desperate little feet trying to escape.
Pompei heard it too but being a Lab/Golden had no clue what that was or what he was supposed to with it.
Why he has to go help people.
He's too dumb to know how to get them to do what he wants.
Actually mom got really annoyed that she made us all leave the room and went and slept on the couch, which was ok cause I was getting a little tired. And I knew that thing wasn't going no where.

Well so mom gets up and goes into her room this morning. Something about cleaning an accident Pompei left. Did I mention he's dumb?
That's when she heard the noise again and this time saw the mousy behind her bookcase.
You all want to know what the first thing she does?!?!?
Humans I tell you, if they didn't feed me I'd strike out on my own.
Anyway it took a lot of planning but she finally trapped it under a trash can and scoot a paper under it to take it outside.
I told her to let me at him, and I'd have him taken care of shortly..but did she listen? No!
She had us all trapped in the kitchen and was scooting the trash can out, when the mouse sticks his head out and makes a dash for it.
Straight for us.
I'm sure you all guessed where mom was.
Anyway I grabbed neatly in my mouth and a twist and a hard bite he was dead and I really had to pee. So mom let us out to go potty while she deposed of mousy.
Seriously I don't understand these humans sometimes.
I must go finish catching up on my sleep.
Bubbles The Might Huntress


Stellaluna and Pals said...

You rock. For reals, girl. I love catcing and eating anything tiny and fluffy/feathery. Heck, I'll eat it even if it's already dead. But yeah. You're awesome.

-Stellaluna, Carnivore Extraordinaire

The meanderings of a history hound said...

LOL! I was giggling like a fiend reading about Bubbles.

Tell Bubbles that my American Pit Bull Terrier, Birdie (Yes, I know, silly name for a Pit Bull, but I didn't name her.) takes the "Terrier" part quite seriously.

In the five years that we have had her, she has caught all the mice in our house & deterred any others from coming in. We had mouse traps downstairs, which my daughter was quite happy to empty (gross little kid), but Birdie has kept us mouse free. And rabbit free too. No rabbits will destroy her Mom's gardens if she has anything to say about it.

Not bad for a service dog, eh? She can open doors, fetch people, undress Mom, put laundry in the hamper and catch mice.

~ Hoyden

JackDaddy said...

Oh yea!!! and yuck!!! :)

I hate mouses in the houses. Especially when they get in the wall.

houndstooth said...

Bubbles, nice work on the mouse catch! We sighthounds don't concern ourselves with such easy prey, though. We go after the fast, quick little devils and take them down! Just so you know! Trust me, I really am a mighty huntress! ;) Try a rabbit next time! Those are fun!


A MilShelb Mom said...

Go Bubbles!!
Our Mom doesn't listen to us either. We just don't get why. I mean, we obviously are bred to find those sorts of things... but she thinks she's soooo smart! We feel your pain.

Have a good nap!
~Milly and Shelby

The Thundering Herd said...

Hopefully, your mom now knows to just let you handle it.

As for the breed reference, we are ok. Though we are quite adept at hunting, it is only if we want to. A mouse stood visible in our den once, and we all just yawned.

Cole said...

Bubbles, I hijacked my momma's account - and want to give you two paws up!

Momma refers to me as her little huntress. Last year I polished off 8 birdies and a chipmunk and so far this year, I've caught (one this week in mid-air) three birdies.


Twix said...

Bubbles, you are one good hunter! I am very impressed. Mom says Max, before me, was quite the hunter too. He would have been just like you were. Way to go!

Sandra said...

oh my gosh bubbles, you are a mighty warrior. everyone should fear you! i hope this incident now proves once and for all you are a pup to be listened to and obeyed.

Flash, Alven and Dottie

Kari in WeHo said...

you are a better hunter than my three!

Stellaluna and Pals said...

You rock. For reals, girl. I love catcing and eating anything tiny and fluffy/feathery. Heck, I'll eat it even if it's already dead. But yeah. You're awesome.

-Stellaluna, Carnivore Extraordinaire