Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Training Diaries

I completely forgot about my commit to post this this week. I keep telling my dad I'm slightly ADD but he doesn't believe me. :)

This week we have: 
Zipper has come so far in the last two weeks, I amaze myself sometimes. I'm going WOW I just taught her how to do that! look at me! And then other days I'm scratching my head going how in the world can I teach her not to: _________________!?!?! While this pup is growing on me, I am ready for her to move on to a new home, and get my life back. :)
  • Name Recognition - WOW this dog picks up things superbly fast, once session just clicking and treating for her name, and you say she's in your lap, and so proud of herself. 
  • Off Leash Recall - We haven't used the word "come" just yet since her name recall is so good. 
  • Potty Training: Improving daily, I think we only used the puppy pads once today!!! 
  • Door Manners: Working on stage, she will still bolt if she gets the chance, but is responding the verbal and phsycial cue "stay".
But here's the most important part of this monologue. (Is it called a monologue if its writing?)
Adoption Status:: PENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The family just needs to get an appointment...*the ADD monster strikes again* to do a home visit and have an appointment made to have her spayed!! *happy happy happy dance*  I posted an album of her on Facebook within hours I had people calling me and emailing me about her! 

Texas - Since Zipper has arrived I've notice him starting to revert back into old behaviors, such as insessant barking, and marking indoors. Not good. This week I started teaching a new trick of walking on my feet, unfortunately he doesn't really like standing between my legs, with me leaning over him, so its not working out too well.

Pompei - Still very much in love with Miss Zipper and I'm constantly having to seperate them so I can have a moment of quiet, because its play, play, play and bark, bark, bark ALL THE TIME!!! Driving me over the edge a little bit. But lately we've been working on him not dashing out the door whenever it is opened. This is something that could be problematic for his future blind person, as they won't know that he's not a runner. So i want to make their new life together as easy as possible.

What about Bubbles you ask? Well......um.... OH SnAp!?!
Did I give her dinner?

*dashes off to feed her "poor starving dog"

Erin and company


houndstooth said...

It sounds like things are going mostly okay! Texas may calm down a lot when Zipper moves on to her new home. Good luck with her home visit!

Frankie Furter said...

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July.

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Man I've not visited in a while! I had no idea who "zipper" was!
I love your training diaries!

Sandra said...

It is definitely always a crazy amount of adjusting and teaching and deep breathing when you add a new doggie to the house. But it's great to hear she is so smart and that she is having a great time with Pompei. I'm sure he'll miss her.