Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Adventure Part V

Wow I really haven't like writing anything over the last couple of days! Who knew one being so small could wear me so completely out!?

First of all the heat is Un-BEArAble. I'm a person who, if the sun is out, I'm outside, unless you are paying me to stay inside. Lately the humidity + the heat, has caused me to offer thanks to the guy who invented air conditioners.
{Texas: Dis is my about to dye from heat face}
Do the dogs notice? No not much so i'm careful how long they are allowed to stay out and making sure they is plenty of water available to them all the time. Pompei would be my main concern because he doesn't know how to stop and slow down, whereas the dachshunds will walk around, laze out in the sun, and be ready to head back in quickly. :)
{Pompei: I'm not hots just layin down so i can get breaths}
{Bubbles: I actually think it feels ok out here}
So Zipper (who never gets called that btw, cause I can never really remember what we are calling her at the moment.) is settling in, we're about 50% inside/outside on the potty training and most of that is on the puppy pads. She loves cuddling. L-O-V-E-S it, every evening she climbs into my lap and curls into a little ball too snooze the evening away. Not at all concerned that my legs go too sleep within minutes of her weight pressing my legs into the edges of my desk.
{Zipper gnaws on a bone}
{Zipper curled up on my lap}
Another thing we have discovered over the last few days. She's a little resource guarder..Here's a little run down of the dog dynamics in my house:
  1. Bubbles - Top Dog
  2. Texas - 2nd in Command
  3. Pompei - Minion 
  4. Zipper - Fighting for Top spot.
    Pompei is the weaker link in the house, so she's "picking' on him a lot, especially around resources such as food, water and their crates; that and she's ALWAYS humping him. Which as we know is not always a sexual behavior. Bubbles and Texas do NOT take anything from her, Texas will just ignore it, as will Bubbles until pushed to far. Last night was a prime example.

    Zipper decided that the "Dog room" was all hers, and non of the other dogs should have any part of it. She was going around snapping and Pompei and Texas, who left the vacinity. Bubbles however was doing her own thing, when all of the sudden she "crossed a line" in Zippers mind. Well Zip was going to let her know what's up, when all of the sudden Bubbles put her back in her place. It was actually kind of funny and I let them "duke it out" for a few seconds before putting Zipper out of the room. permanently. Lets just say that most dogs don't mess with Bubbles.

    {Zipper heading off somewheres}

    {Zipper gets a reward for standing next too my sister}

    {Zipper: Man I hate havin to walk wit dis lady}
    Pompei is also being introduced to the concept of "Time Outs". I can honestly say he doesn't exactly like them much. He hates it when other dogs are playing and excluding him, so he'll stand their and bark at them, until they snap at him; then he'll move further and bark some more. At first I'll try and redirect him to "Find his Toys" or to come too me, but he's figured that "game" out and is just ignoring me for the most part. So I just silently walk over, and walk him to my bedroom. Wait 5 minutes and let him back out. He's starting to semi sorta get the  slight idea that barking earns him that.

    In other news, Pompei's neuter scar has healed up fine and he's more than ready to hit the town. Poor dog is dying to go SOMEWHERE and everytime he can get in the car, he hops in a sits there.

    And sits.

    And sits.

    And sits.

    I even walked back inside forgetting they were out there, came back to see him and Texas sitting in the front seat, still waiting. *poor babies. I promise I have a lot of shopping and such like to do this week, so he can get back out of the house, a resume the role of puppy in training.
    {Texas sits in the car}
    {Pompei all dressed up to go no where}
    Erin and company


    houndstooth said...

    Oh yeah! Bunny's dying to get out and do something, too! It's hot and rainy here, so no action. We've tried to plan some playdates, and so far two have fallen through. We're starting to feel like chopped liver here! lol

    3 doxies said...

    I know all too well bout that humidity stuffs and it ain't fun.
    We seems to have sumptin going on in our pack as well. Albert is top dog, and I Puddles am omega...gots to make sure nobuddy is fighting and quick to make evrybuddy makes up, and Whitney is still trying to figure outs where hers belong since her is da newbie...hehehe!!
    Beautiful fotos by the way.

    Nubbin' Tails said...

    It's been freezing here for about 5 days. It was in the 40's and raining on Saturday. We are ready for some sun. Perhaps not has much as you have though!


    Mr. Nubbin'

    LUCKY LUKE said...

    We all have to make sure we are payin attention to what the doggies need, irregardless of web, weather or our own personalities. Just sayin...

    wif love from the Luke

    Sandra said...

    Oh the figuring out of pack dynamics, such good times. hehe. I'm sure they will figure it out soon. Also wishing Pompei fun times on his future adventures

    Lora said...

    Have I ever told you how much I admire you and what you do? Well, I do! I just think that it is so wonderful and I just enjoy all the photos on your blog...always makes me smile!

    houndstooth said...

    Oh yeah! Bunny's dying to get out and do something, too! It's hot and rainy here, so no action. We've tried to plan some playdates, and so far two have fallen through. We're starting to feel like chopped liver here! lol