Monday, August 16, 2010

Texas Log: Heros

Every dog has a hero. And mine be the great:

If you's has never heard of Hank, I suggests you go to your Library place and get some of his books, cause BOY are they a BARK! 
I know, I know you be thinking "TEX, uh Hank is NOT a doxie". I know its a sad thing,but we'll let that little detail slide, cause I learnt all my sekurity tips from this guy. I listen to his stuff alla time...well I would if i could anyway. 
Cause just like me, Hank don't like cats.
In his own words here is Hank: "When I took this job as Head of Ranch Security, I knew that I was only flesh and blood, four legs, a tail, a couple of ears, a pretty nice kind of nose that the women really go for, two bushels of hair and another half-bushel of Mexican sandburs.You add that all up and you don't get Superman, just me, good old easy-going Hank who works hard, tries to do his job, and gets very little cooperation from anyone else around here."

Dat is EXACTLY how I feels. I'm just one dog trying to keep two humans and two dogs safe from this vicous world full of cats, and squirrles and trash. its a hard thankelss job to say the least.

Pompei says that he would be Drover...and that's right cause he's just a scaredy cat. LIke the other day, there was sometin on our porch so Bubbles and I went and scared it off and POMPEI RAN RIGHT BACK TO MOM!!!!!!! 
What a dork.

Butt I can let him be Drover cause this is what he would do exactly: 

'Hank to Drover, over. Confirm visual sighting at eleven o'clock.'
'I thought it was only ten o'clock.'
'Roger, but suspect has moved one hour to the south.'
'Time sure flies when you're scared.'
'Roger. Suspect has invaded our territorial territory. Prepare to initiate Growling Mode!'
'Hank, let's don't growl at him. He might think we're being unfriendly.'
'That's the whole point, Roger.'
'I'm Drover.'
'Of course you are. Ready? Mark! We have initiated Growling Mode One and are proceeding toward the target!'"
From Hank the Cowdog 8. The Case of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse
(Copyright © John R. Erickson)
BOL!!! Dat is why it takes special dogs to be head of security.
Anyway, now alla I need to get is a badge and i'll be good ta go. 
Prolly can steal one like Puddles did her Preacher thing.
Oh yeah sorry for missin da parties, this weekend...but duty calls ya know. 


JackDaddy said...

MOOF! :)

3 doxies said...

Hey don't worry, you can gets you a badge online fur 9.99 withs free shipping.
Now what good is it gonna do me to goes and check dat book out? I can't read OR turn da pages. Maybe I coulds get me a card and see wht happens...never mind, I steal mum's lieberry card.


houndstooth said...

I think you need to get one of those badges! I heard you can get them at the dollar store!


Kari in WeHo said...

Hmmm I shall go to my library and look him up

Don't forget, we moved to