Thursday, September 9, 2010


So yeah. Thanks  all to those who called PETA and ASPCA about mom starvin me the other day. She has "seen da light" and gots us some more foodies so we won't be too starvin. An i thinks they talked to her bouts gettin me some more treats and stuffs buttt i was too busy eating my FIRST meal since last night  three months ago to care. It was heaven i tells you. If you have never been starves den you don't even know. *sniff* Makes me a *very manly dude* get all weepy. 

Anyways she gots me um.... "Pure Vita Naturals" which is not the stuffs we normally likes ta eat, butt the petstore place (not the big petstore the little one) didn't even have our "Wellness" stuff so mom hads to buy this. Its still tastes good butt mom doesn't like dat it has so much grains stuff.

Pompei has ta eat the "natural balance" stuff cause da other Purina One made him itch and itch an itch and itch some way more. Soo dat didn't make mom happy, so she went to those people was like "you BETTA let me........ "Can we please switch Pompei to the good stuff?" And dey say "Yes" so den mom ran out and got some food.

Oops dats of course, after the Peta peoples came and told her too course. :))

Um.....oh looks it time for my mid-morning-naps!


PS. (Mom will be writtin my story about how I losted my eye cause aPARENTly she didn't even tell you guys how dat happen. Um...its not pretty but I hopes dat you really gets sometin powerful from my story of survival and reesilliance in a tough, tough, tough situatoin. Dat is what I was meant to do I thinks *sniffs* )

PPS (mom didn't even get me nuttin for her own birthday. She said I could either get a collar or new breaks. WELL I CAN"T HELP YOU BUSTED YOUR CAR LADY!!!?? she went wit da breaks if you didn't guess it)


The Teacher's Pets said...

Hello Erin and Company!
I smiled when I saw that you joined in the THANKFUL FUR 3 THURSDAY BLOG HOP today! Thank you for letting us know you are out there in the pet blogging world! I absolutely love your blog, your pictures, your dogs, your creativity, and your wonderful work. Your blog is exactly the type of blog that needs to be recognized EVERYWHERE so please follow me via Google Friend Connect (at the top of my blog) because that's the 2nd step that needs to be done in order for me to do a write-up about you, post a picture and link so that you can be spotlighted next Thursday. Your blog is wonderful and I am your newest google friend connect follower!
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3 doxies said...

Well Texas, I glad you FINALLY gots some food and aaaaaall da calls to da proper authorities helped...I has them on speed dial ya know.

And ummmm, can't your mom just ride a bike...duh! A purty collar is waaaay more important than brakes.

Gets on withs da story of you eye.


houndstooth said...

New brakes and no collar?! Where are your mom's priorities? I'm calling the ASPCA now for sure!


Carrie and Waffle said...

Texas, ask your mom about kirkland dog food. It is made by the same people who make Nature's Balance. Is there a rating system she knows about?

Wyatt said...

You dogs are very cute and funny too! Just stopped by, from the blog hop, to say Hi! Have a fun weekend!


Mack said...

Well hello Texas! I live in Texas!!
So nice to meet you. You have a super cool bloggy!

Mack T. Beans

Kari in WeHo said...

I am so glad to hear you finally got some food!