Friday, September 10, 2010

The Story of My Eye by Texas

The story of my eye
Disclaimer: The following story may or may not be true. Reader discretion is advised. - Blog Management
Once apon a time,far,far away was a little (an very cute) doxie named Texas. Ok so I don't know if my name was Texas yet den, butt for the purrpose of dis story it is  *ahem* He was a mini doxie who lived with his human woman person and human man person I can't even call dem mom and dad cause they weren't good dog persons.and a rottieweiler named .....we'll call him Methuselah. <-Cause he was real old and crachity.Ok fine so I don't even knowed dat either but it sounds good.  Anyway I prolly was like 8 weeks-old when i came into their house an lived wit them for a while. Yeep don't even remember all dat either! So anywhoo I lived dear for a while but once again dey didn't even feed me enough, so one day I got up my courage and faced my fears. I snuck some food from Methuselah's bowl. SCORE!! He didn't even see me I was so quick, dat food was some of da best food ever,and so much more better den the stuffs I was getting, so I did it again. I went fur a week eating good until that fateful day prolly Oct 2008. I was going in fur da kill and all of the sudden my whole left ..or is it right? ... anyway, all of the sudden my whole left face was burning there was growling, i can hear my shrieks of pain (Note from Erin: With the way this little dog can scream no doubt they thought he was at deaths door) before everything went black.

When I woked up dear was peoples leaning over me, there was things stickin outta of me and human woman and human man were NO.WHERE.TO.BE.SEEN. I was ALLLL alone. Scariest thing of my whole life. And ta top it off I was missin my man hood!!!! 
So you can guess dat I was not feeling my best towards other dogs and humans. Especially when human woman and human dad didn't even come back to get me!!!
YEP you read it right dey LEFT ME AT DA ANIMAL HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well da vet tech lady there was really nice and took me home and got me back on my feets,and i got ta play with my dogmate Ellie May. BUt den i found out Vet-Mom couldn't even keep me either!!!! 

See does scars on my face? dats where dey sticked my head back together.

What in da world was a dog supposed ta do? I was a dog without no home. But den one day Vet-Mom took me too a doggie daycare place, dat was right below da "Emergancy Animal Hospital" and guess who worked dear?!?!?! Didya guess Mom? Yeppers mom worked dear and felled in love wit me RIGHT AWAY. 
{Me at da daycare place}
Butt at dat time she had a guide dog puppy named Midnight an Grandpa didn't even want her ta get anymore puppies at da moment cause she was supposed to be moving to another state. Butt mom knew dat I was da one for her, so she was real sneaky and just showed Grandpa a pic of me, cause she knowed he was a sucker for dachshunds. And guess what?!? It worked!!!! So den I came and lived with her forever and ever amen.

The End


Minna Krebs said...

Oh my dear Texas.......
That be a very sad story at furst, and me and my momma getting all teary eyed.

BUTT, I was sooooo happy to get to da happy ending part! Your mom (and Grandpa) be just wonderfuls! And how COULD her resist you, anyways??? You are most handsome!!


3 doxies said...

Texas, it me, Puddles. Now don't go run and hide cuz I gots stuffs to say...I gonna lay it all out here. I am purty miffed dat you hads to go through dat...dis makes me not a happy little girl...dis actually maked me sad dat you lived withs such mean peoples dat didn't takes care of you.
Now, I not gonna dwell on da past but I wants to thank your mom fur bringing you in and loving you da way you should be...despite you issues...hehehe! No seriously, it be takin' special peoples to raise a doxie or dat what my mum says but I think her kiddin'. You haves a good home there Texas and your mom sure does love you alot(to put ups with you).
And I personally thinks you is a very handsome boy and it wouldn't matters to me if you had 2 eyes or no perfect just da way you is.


The Teacher's Pets said...

It's me, Daisy the Coonhound, and I think you and I think a like beclaws told my mom to write a story about the time I was left to fend fur myself in the woods in North Carolina today and guess what? She wrote about my abandonment story on the very same day that you wrote about your abandonment story....whew! We are like 2 peas in a pod, Texas! And you know what else is weird is that the playmate of yours looks an awful lot like me! Woweee! What a coincidink!
Anyway, I am soooo sorry you were left at the v-e-t but I am super glad you found a better home with Erin!
What a sweet story!
Lots of kisses and licks.....Daisy

JackDaddy said...

Well that is a wonderful story and it all sounded true to me!!

brooke said...

OMG. what an awful story! At least it had a very happy ending! Poor Texas!

Owned ByDoxies said...

The funny thing is...all this time I never noticed your missing eye until the other day when you were teasing us about this upcoming tale. You are just so ruggedly handsome.

houndstooth said...

Wowzers! Texas, I had no idea that you'd had to fight a rottweiler to get that scar! You should get a Harley jacket and collar for your birthday, because you're one tough dude!


Cole said...

You're a surviver, Texas!! And your mom is so lucky to have you!

Chewy said...


are you a tennessee fan? Well I will let that one slide because you are so darn cute. i am glad that you have a family that loves you.

roll tide!
~who is tennessee playing tommorrow?

K-9 Katastrophe said...

I am so sorry Texas. I wish I could lick you right now. But your mommy is a very good person!!!


Kari in WeHo said...

That truly is a sad sad story but I am so glad it has a happy ending. Swing on by our new blog location!


Cole said...

You're a surviver, Texas!! And your mom is so lucky to have you!