Monday, August 18, 2008

A Young Lady {Midnight}

That is what I feel like... as my boss likes to say, Midnight has become a "woman" other words she is now in heat. In my opinion heat has never come at a good time for me, last year because Rei was in heat, I had to go to our first GDF Regional Meeting puppy-less.
This year with her going into heat now, I will have to go to our Fair Meeting...puppy-less as well!!
I am not a good puppy raiser with out a puppy.
Here in the south, our regional adviser will keep the pups for us until they are completely out of heat. While this is a big relief for me, (as I'm surrounded my un-cut males..ack!) on the other hand, I will have no reason to get up, to go outside, to shop, to work...*sniff*
I'll have to find something to do.....

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