Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obedience Class {Midnight}

I always said that Midnight didn't really need to go to obedience class. Ha ha.
Today was Midnight FIRST TIME EVER going to class! That is only because I haven't had a weekend free in "years" it seems. ::grins::
It was just my leader and I this time at the class; (the only puppy walkers I mean there were other people and dogs) and it went well, Neil is only 4 months old and already in his big puppy coat!! Midnight was a little angel, she did pull towards the other dogs at first but once we were going at a steady pace, she settled into a nice walk. While her "sit" command needed some work (she was tired of hearing that from our Mini Golf episode..ha ha ha) she "halted" and "downed" perfectly."Stay" and "Come" commands were spot on as well. ::big grin::
After class we let the dogs run off some energy; Midnight played a little bit but the humans were more interesting too her.. typical
I am so proud of her!

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