Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gone {Midnight}

I held myself together all day, willing myself I was NOT going to cry when she left.
My RA and I arrived first, at our meeting place, (Midnight was at home, I was at work, but was allowed to come meet with them since it was right up the road...heh, thanks to my planning ::grins::)
We chatted in the shade for a while, until my mom and Missy Wiggle Worm showed up. She was very happy to see me......(as you now it had been YEARS since I last saw her)..... we talked for a little while more, and then I loaded Midnight up, she happily jumped in the car, and settled on her blanket. And now she's gone until the middle of September or somewhere there abouts...
Its just now really starting to sink in with me that I don't have a dog for a whole month!! ::sniff::
Midnight is completely used to the kennel environment, thanks to my job....so I know she won't suffer any....NOT THAT SHE WAS GOING TO ANYWAYS....

Scuse me while I go cry.

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