Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Day, Another Way, Another Trip to the Vet

Ok guys, I don't know whats' up with this, but once again mom took me BACK to the vet! And I don't even know why! At first I was ok with it, a little nervous, but more interested in the people in the waiting area. Then mom got up to take me to the back and I completely halted.
But she wasn't taking no for an answer and kept walking. Once we go into that little room, I laid down so they wouldn't be able to find me perhaps. I couldn't keep myself from shaking, I was soo scared!
But a nice lady started petting me and a little while later, we left! I was Sooo ready to get out of there!! I hope I don't have to go back anytime soon!

*ERIN NOTE: Don't worry, we were only going for her to get a Lyme Vaccine..nothing serious!

We've done some "major" exposures this week..or at least Mom says they were major, but its all the same to me. We went to a "campmeeting" thing, basically church under a tent. Apparently mom hasn't been allowed to bring her dogs to something like this before, and I got to be the first to go! I was so good, half the people didn't even know I was there!!!
A lot of people didn't know about Puppies in Training, so we got to talk to a lot of people about what I do!
Midnight at Campmeeting

And today.. Mom and I went out to eat with her co-workers, although they know I am special, they haven't been able to watch me "work". Today I came a blew them all away :-)
Mom's boss said that he was very impressed with me!!
Midnight under the Table at CiCi's
Mom was very happy and praised me a lot as we left!! That's what we call a job well done!



Raising Addie said...

Good Job Midnight!

You look so sweet laying under that chair. You are going to make a wonderful service dog!


Rusty and Bandit said...

You ARE going to make a great service dog! I don't like the vet either...


Turnip Greens said...

Sorry you had to go to the vet AGAIN Midnight! I am glad that you were a good girl for mommy! Keep up the good work!