Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Weekend {by Erin}

What a week this has been! It’s been long, tiring, exciting, nerve wracking and fun all at the same time. From my previous post you know that Rei has been re-matched, and everything seems to be going smoothly there. ::very big grin::

Since you pretty much know what happened at the begging of the week, we’ll dive right on into the weekend.
Midnight turned 13-months-old, I didn’t even realize it until yesterday or so!! Time just seems so short at this point. I still haven’t gotten any more news about her travel plans, but that is fine with me.
Midnight posing with pumpkin- 13 months old

At 2:45PM, Midnight and I loaded into the car, for what possibly might be our last puppy meeting together; we were meeting at the Bus Station downtown, where we would be exposing the puppies to all the sites and sounds, of the bus terminal. The weather was quite yucky, but we pressed on because, who knows what situation there handlers might find themselves in.
Midnight and Sam
{Midnight and Sam waiting for everyone to arrive}
Sue- FGR
{Sue trying to hold herself in check...she was being good}
{Sam really wants to play with Midnight}
Once everyone arrived, we walked the puppies on and off several buses, while we waited for Bus 11. After shivering the cold someone finally suggested going into the Station and waiting instead of standing outside. That was sort of a ‘duh’ moment.
Group Puppies at the Bus Stop
{Puppies in the Bus Station}
Bus 11 finally came and we all boarded; we rode it to the center of town and then got off and walked back to our cars.
Downtown Asheville with the puppies
Midnight and me in the glass
{Midnight and Me in the reflection of a store...would have been better if the glass was darker}
Fun times I tell you. Midnight and I were more then ready to come home when it was through.

My job held its third annual Howl-O-Ween party. This was a fun event; more then I was thinking it was going to be. There were a lot of great costumes, good food and fun prizes. My co-worker, who also doubles as photographer, did some portraits of the dogs and their owners if they wished. Hence the picture above. Except I took that one, but I used her props. LOL.
Happy Howl-O-Ween

Went to church in the morning, came home got Midnight before going out to the mall for lunch with friends. Its been a while since I took Midnight to that mall, and she was a brat; well combined with the fact that she had been crated for the last four hours, what was I took expect I wonder...? Almost everyone we passed she was sticking her nose into their hands, pulling me, not stopping at stairs, trying go hither thither and yawn.... and then we passed Victoria Secret, and their pink dog. The display dog was about Midnight size, and plaid. She spotted it as we were passing and stopped dead in her tracks; I was waiting for her to start barking at it, but she did, just backed up as far as her leash would let her.
Stuffed tigers twice her size? problemo.
Midnight and the Tiger
Stuffed dogs? NAaaaaaah We’ll passs.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Raising Addie said...

Midnight is growing up so fast! You must be so proud! You are doing such a wonderful job!

Midnight and Bubbles, it’s almost Halloween!

Thank you very much for submitting your wonderful photo!

I will be drawing 3 winners LIVE on my Addie Cam located on my blog on Saturday, November 1st at 9:30 a.m. Central Standard Time. I hope you can make it, but if you can’t I will be recording the drawing and posting it on my blog along with the winners names.

Have fun Trick-or-Treating!

SARAH said...

Awesome job Midnight! Sam is really cute too :)All the photos of the various costumes were neat. its fun to see what people come up with

Ruby said...

Hi Erin
Congratulation on winning Addie's contest.
What a wonderful young lady you are. You go to school, work & volunteer in your community.
Enjoy your remaining time with Midnight.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures! I bet Midnight's a real doll. :)

Ruby said...

Hi Erin
Congratulation on winning Addie's contest.
What a wonderful young lady you are. You go to school, work & volunteer in your community.
Enjoy your remaining time with Midnight.