Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hello {by Midnight}

Hello Doggie Pals!
Nothing much happening around here this week. Mom and I have been to work EVERYDAY this week, not that I mind of course!! But other then that nothing exciting to talk about.
Mom did a scrapbook layout this week about the last two years, can you believe it has been two years since she started puppy walking?! Of course two years seems like forever to me.
Mom has been kind of weepy lately, something about me leaving...? I have no clue what she's crying about; that said I'm going to go take a nap, all that playing with my friend Cain (Boxer puppy) has worn me out.

Ta Ta!




Raising Addie said...

This is a wonderful scrapbook page! Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!

It's not time for Midnight to move on, is it? We will be so sad when it happens, but so happy that he will be making a difference in someones life!


Erin and guide pup Midnight said...

We are getting really really close!!
*sigh* I'm getting depressed thinking about it.

Hobbes Dogs said...

Erin, that's amazing, thanks for sharing! :)

Lois Lane/Laney said...

It's such an amazing thing you do. Not many people could give up a dog that they've raised for years. I don't think I could do it!