Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Day in the LIfe of Midnight {By Midnight}

October 30, 2008 - A Day in the Life of Midnight

10:00 AM - I awoke to the sounds of my crate door being opened, AWESOME! Its morning time!! I love morning; I feel so fresh and relaxed waking up to a brand new day! Even it when it’s dark outside! Somehow I don’t think my mom feels the same way.
10:05- Back in after potty break.
10:30- Breakfast ...another good reason for waking up, time for a delicious meal that never gets old! Mom makes us sit/stay before she puts down any food. As you can see I am a “pro” at this, but Bubbles still needs some work. It’s hard for Old dogs to learn new tricks you see.
Bubbles Note: Listen here punk...WHO IS YOU CALLIN OLD??
Breakfast Time

While we eat, mom disappears in the water room, and then comes out smelling very nice. ::doggie grin::
11:00AM- clean up time, mom makes her bed and then cleans up my blankets and her stuff, while I make sure to either to be underfoot at all times, or place all my toys in strategic positions around the floor. Then we go outside for a game of “controlled Retrieve”. We guide dog puppies can’t be prone to chasing moving objects, as that would put our blind person in danger, which would be really bad!!
Controlled Retriever is very hard for me, cause I have to sit/stay, then watch mom through the Kong, and NOT run after it until she tells me “ok”. Most of the time I can’t help it and run after it anyways. Then she has to hold me still, she says sometimes its like holding a slingshot. That’s cause I’m way way fast! :-D Since I don’t have too much energy, I tire out pretty fast, and we go back inside.
11:30- time for my mid-morning nap! Mom goes to the computer while I sleep....
12:22 - What? Time to go to work? Man I thought we had the day off. ☹ Oh well...I have to stay with mom, while she runs around and grabs things, so that she doesn’t forget to bring me. Bubbles stays at home cause she doesn’t play with other dogs. sigh Then we both hurry out to the car, she dumps her stuff in the front seat, while I hop into position, in the co-pilot chair. That is the special place for us GDPs (Guide Dog Puppies), since we have to ride on the floor of the car.
Midnight in the car

12:30 - Mom stops at CVS cause she loves a drink called Arizona Tea, so she parks, hops out, puts on my coat and leash, grabs her money and keys, and we head into the store.
I was very good, leading her right to the drink cases..(We go here like all the time), and then walking with her to the check out. I know to stand very quietly, while mom checks out cause its hard to manage a rowdy dog and pay for stuff at the same time. Back to the car!!
12: 50 - Wow we are 10 minutes early to work! Go Mom!! We get out, and mom puts me in the outside yard, so I can busy before I go inside. (Cause going inside is a BIG NO-NO!) While I’m out there all of my friends come outside to greet me. They are very special.
You Work I'll Play in the Fall

1:00 - 2:00 - Play, Nap, Go Outside
Taking a potty break

Midnight,  Pearl and Lucy

2:30 - Mom got this weird idea that I needed a bath, so she came and took me Out of the yard, and to the tub room.... I knew what she was about to do and started backpedaling, but she caught me and plopped me in the wasn’t as bad as I thought...
And thennn mom decideds to Furminate me, I don't know why, but I can't stand still during brushins I have to move in a circle so that i can see whats on my back, it makes mom "flusterated" I think.

Midnight in the bath

Midnight getting brushed

Erin Note: that was nooo easy feat either, that dog is HEAVY!
3:30 - Mom and her co-workers start cleaning up the place, and taking away our toys so they can “clean them”. Whatever. They just want to be mean I think. They also start taking the sleeper dogs out so that they can go into their spaces and eat dinner. I’ve slept here before too...but I missed my mommy a lot, and didn’t even play.
Food Time
{Other Dogs Food}
Kong PrepTime
{Kong Time!}
Dishes time
{Look at all the dirty dishes}
4:30 - MY DINNER TIME!! WHooooo hooooo!!!!! Once again we have to do the sit/stay thing, but I do it right away, cause I know I can get my food quicker like that.
After that I don’t even have to go back in the yard with the other dogs, cause I’m a Staff Dogs, and we can do cool things like hang out with the people. ::big grin:: Mostly I just follow mom around as she does her “chores”.
Midnight waiting for her dinner

{Alright mom enough pictures...time to EAT!}
Midnight in the Laundry Room

{Laundry time!}
6:00 - my moms bosses and their dogs leave for the day, leaving me the run off the place, I can lay on their beds and play with their toys!! But most of the time they put the toys up so I can’t play with it...I don’t know why either!? Ah well, the bed is good enough for me. I think mom should get me a real bed like this one, instead of a bunch of old blankets.
Midnight on the bed

7:00 - YaY! Time to go home!!! I walk out to the car all bouncy!
7:10 - Ah, but first a stop at the store....Huh? No coat mom?..Oooh we’re at the pet store.... oh look that person looks friendly, just a second mom I’ll be right back....OH YUMMY!! More Food!!
Midnight in the Petsotre

Look that lady Is crouching down, just for me, I know it!! I must reward her for that.
Erin’s Note: It’s a good thing these people like dogs...that’s all I’ve got to say
8:00 - YaY NOW we’re home!! Time for a long nap with some potty breaks, and some following mom around the house, saying hi to my “aunts and uncles and grandparents”
Midnight sleeping
12:00 - Mom goes to bed.


Anonymous said...

Cute! I really enjoyed reading! :)

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Amber-Mae said...

Hey Midnight & Bubbles! Congrats in winning Addie's K9 costume contest!!!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Matilda said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog!
I am interested in your job, Midnight! That is a very important job. I really respect you guys!!

Hi Bubbles! I know that we dachshunds can sit/stay before meals but sometimes people do not notice us sitting...
I love your pictures. Very beautiful. I will come here again!
wags wags