Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 7-9, 2008 {by Erin}

Thought I forgot to post didn't you!! No such luck people ::grins::
Tuesday night, Midnight and I were able to give a guide dog presentation to a local 4-H Club. I was very excited about it, because my favorite subject is of course dogs.. and I am one of the few teenagers who actually enjoy public speaking.
But it would help to be prepared as well. The thing is, the 4-H agent in charge, had spoken to me in late August about speaking for her club, and planned it for their October meeting, as Midnight was in heat at the time. September went by, we kept busy and the presentation was closer to the back of my mind then it should have been....So on Monday, I am the Dollar :-) when my phone rings. The number on the screen is not familiar but I answered it anyways.
As it turns out, guess what!!! Tomorrow's was the big day!!!
I went into hyper drive I don't panic easily, but I started going over the list of things I needed to do.
Print out my speech, gather table decor, get some baby pictures of Midnight printed....etc
We get home and I immediately start attacking those things. By Tuesday afternoon, i have re-written PARTS of my speech, ordered pictures, bought posters and tape, and driven to my area coordinators house to pick up some puppy walking brochures.
Then the trouble started.
Once I got home, I realized that the pictures had not uploaded to CVS's site at all so I began reloading them. I start printing out my pages and things for my posters..and my printer runs out of ink!!!
On top of that I only have half of my speech on paper; I transfer the file to a flash drive, and run upstairs to our Dinosaur ..aka 10+year old computer,but Oh yeah, it doesn't have Word on there...back down stairs, save it as a Rich Txt file.UGH this computer not even recognizing my drive!Back downstairs, Google Docs! (Have I mentioned how I love Google?)Save it there...ok this might work...except something....the ERROR?!?Back downstairs....... Ok...send it as an email.Upstairs...oh yeah..heh, I unplugged the printer for my flash drive. DUH ERIN.
Finally the speech is printed..But my mother had the car,...with my other supplies in it.
My phone rings once mom is at CVS...and the never received my picture order.. a quick glance at my screen showed me that I had never finished the order to began with.
So it was time for Plan B. What is plan B? I only had about an hour to come up with something!!
20 minutes till depature, and it hit me! My laptop! DUH!!!!!
Since the group I was to be speaking to was only 15-20 people large, I could slide show pictures of my puppies while I talked about them!!! Whooooo. (Have I mentioned I love my laptop....even though it is a PC?)
My family came along for moral support; this was the first time my dad had been able to hear my presentation as well.
The presentation went very well; Midnight did all her commands on que, and the Q and A session lasted about an hour or so!! Everyone seemed very interested in the Puppy Walking program, there may even be a couple people considering raising a pup!
Me Speaking
Midnight during the presentation

Afterward the club president came up and gave me two envelopes...inside...? A $15 gift certificate to Starbucks and a $25 certificate to a pet store in town!! I was very surprised and of course grateful! Even after the meeting was over people still stood around and asked questions, and looked at my scrapbooks, and played with Midnight for at least 30 minutes. It was a lot of fun.

Oh just to make the day a little better? A little while later I found out my debit card was/is missing.
Midnight 1 years old
Erin and Co.


Raising Addie said...

congratulations Erin!!!
It sounds like you did an amazing job with your presentation!

I just LOVE your scrapbook page!
Have a great day!

Turnip Greens said...

Wow! I did not know ALL of that happened! I would have been totally stressed! I am glad it turned out well! Goog job Midnight on being obedient! Congratulations!!!!

Lani said...

Isn't that the way things always happen. BUT I love your new header and your pages.