Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So today was just "one of those days" (I seem to be having a lot of those lately) but today defiantly classifies as the worst.

First it started with me loosing my keys. I searched EVERYWHERE for them, walked up to my parents house to borrow one of their keys, but my mom how did have a key, was gone, and my dear father had also lost his key...
 My dogs of course were throwing fits due to me going in and out of the house multiple times etc.etc.. an hour after I was due at work, we called a friend to come pick me up and she took me on to work.

Work day, meetings, phone calls etc... the end.

My dad comes and picks me up from work, we get home, and I dash inside to let the dogs out, and check the status of my house. (I'd given my dog walker permission to leave them loose until I got back) Everything was fine, so I gathered my treat bag,(Hot Dogs!) and we stroll outside....

Well I did at least. Texas and Bubbles however had obviously been keeping an eye on the neighborhood while I was gone, and had seen that "Something was not right!"

And off they dash across the yard, barking full tilt......I called they came. Good.

Except for one thing.....they weren't the only dogs that came.


Our company was our "lovely" neighbors dogs from across the street. Remember the accident that took away their fence? These dogs are in that fence 24/7, Rain, Cold, Sleet, Snow, Ice, Sun....

They have not had any training, they've never been outside that yard that I can tell, and they don't even interact much with their humans they live with. They are extremely aggressive behind the fence, and I knew that it wouldn't be pretty outside that.

And it wasn't.

Texas and Bubbles of course led the charge towards theses dogs, while Hope pranced around me, and Victoria ran in the opposite direction...the dogs, noticing she was the weaker took off towards her....which of course brought out my mommy instincts.

Dudes you betta back off my baby!
I yelled, they ran, I grabbed dogs, and hustled them back into the house (yesss all that obedience practice paying off here) and went to see if I could get these dogs out of the road.

Though cars were honking and flying around them, they stood and barked and wandering in the road. I couldn't just stand there and watch that happen..(no matter how much I hate these dogs). So ok, lets see if I can lure them back across the road.

The saw me charged.

I crouch, avert eyes, toss hot dogs....watching them out of the corner of my vision.

They stop at the hot dogs and then approach me. More hot dogs....which they take from my hands.

And than I make the mistake of standing up. Baaaad Move. DUH Erin you know better! Blame it on adrenaline...

They both attack. A yell sends them backwards....

I try to back off to let them know I'm not going to hurt them, but they move forward, showing their teeth.

Hmm...ok I stop, making sure never to make eye contact, yet throwing hot dogs away from me.......

After a 5 minute stand off (with no help from some folks standing watching this across the street, and no clue of a response from the owners home...)I was able to back off into my house and at least retrieve a broom.

I needed those dogs off of my property as my dogs still needed to get out. My father happened to drive down in the car at the moment, and helped to sort of herded them back across the street. Where the owner suddenly appeared and took them back in the house.
"Hi! Nice of you to join us!"
I had to make sure Texas was on leash after that since he was still pretty keyed up over the whole ordeal (That is a responsible dog owner thing to do btw)....while Hope and Victoria ran laps around the yard...

Anyway once I got back in, I looked up Animal Controls number and put them on speed dial..because they WILL be getting a call if I EVER see these dogs loose again.

Believe me.

I have too many siblings/church kids running around here to even risk another chance.

These dogs are aggressive because that's the only way they know to react; to use their only defense mechanism. So no I'm not mad at the dogs for biting me....

You know, if there were a law banning dogs left outside...vs a law banning specific breeds....I wonder if there would be a decline in dog/human aggression.

Just a thought.


Groomer Angie said...

oh my gosh Erin, THAT is scary. Having been in the pet business for over 30 years I have been in that situation before and it is a scary thing! I'm so glad you had those hot dogs & no one got hurt. Sorry you got bit tho. As for the law you are talking about, you already know how I feel about that since I have Bull Terriers, they need to make laws against irresponsible people for sure!!

nancyturtle said...

Isn't there a law about dogs who bite PEOPLE?

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

holy crap. and well done Erin! you were BRAVE! i feel bad for the dogs that they landed such jerks for owners. i feel worse for you that you had to deal with this. grrrr...keep us posted!!!

nancyturtle said...

Isn't there a law about dogs who bite PEOPLE?