Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So we are about two days late on this...

November 15th or 17th 2002 - Bubbles became the 9th member of our family. And since we don't know her exact birth date..or age for that matter, we are celebrating her 10th birthday as well!!

My parents had promised that as soon as we moved in our new home, we could get a dog... an outside dog ( in their minds anyway), because you know things like carpets cannot be ruined by a dog.

A month before our scheduled close/move in date, I don't remember which, we recieved a call from one of our church friends.

Her sister had a dachshund that she was trying to find a home for. Though I had in mind a puppy or a larger breed dog, I was MORE than happy to concede to a smaller breed.

My parents were happy that the dog  was older and already house trained, and we were happy just to have a dog.

Bubbles sitting on the car seat, looking at the camera.

We made at trip to see her, and she came tearing out of the house normal Bubbles style, they said her original name was Duchess, but they started calling her Bubba..which morphed into Bubbles.

Truthfully I can't remember much about the visit except for the woman hit her with a fly swatter. Not cool in our book. But we all decided we wanted her, and a month later we went and picked her up!

Looking back I really feel bad for her, as there was such much we did wrong, but she survived, as any dog does with an uniformed owner! The one good we did do, was socialize!!

She went EVERYWHERE with us, she's traveled to Chicago, Alabama, Tennessee, just to name a few, she was the first in car when we were about to go out, and since most of the time we didn't have time to run her back inside she came with us. (And I stupidly sold her crate...WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!?!?) 

She claimed my dad and I as her primary caretakers, and tolerated everyone else. 

She loved to "tell off" other dogs, and my dad was convinced that she wouldn't be able to handle another dog in the house, which to him meant, no other dog until Bubbles passes away.


January 2006, I came in contact with my first guide dog puppy; and life the way Bubbles knew it changed forever.

Our first week with Jake and Bubbles was....interesting to say the least. I can remember being in tears over the thought that, GDF might take Jake away due to Bubbles' (what I labled) aggressive behavior.

Turns out Jake was indeed taken due to aggression, but it was him being Mr.Tough Guy, and not Bubbles.

Since then Bubbles has learned to ignore the menagerie of dogs that have come through our house, first day she lets them know not to touch her, and they respect that. Texas was and is the only dog that will get her to play, or even get her excited. They are pretty much inseparable.
Bubbles and Texas sitting in a chair, on top of a spotted blanket and my robe.
Since we've moved to K'ville, Bubbles has really turned into a different dog, while she still sleeps a much as possible, she also loves to hunt for rodents under the lawn mower shed, and will spend HOURS doing that. Which that additional activity along with a healthier diet, has cause her to shed some pounds like nobodies buisness!!
Bubbles in a large dog bed, but laying under a smaller dog bed...yes she's a silly dog
She has more energy, and is still always eager for a car ride. She likes to divide her time between my dog friendly house, and the company of my family in their home up the road. If she can she'll sneak up their for the night, before coming back for breakfast the next morning. Gives her a break from the crazy puppies zoom around my house :))

I think she looks great for a 10-year-old dog, I hope the rest of the her years are as good as the past ones have been!!

Love you Bubs!!!


Nadine said...

Hi Erin and thank you for your comment! I just love Dachshunds, at the beach this past summer I had the pleasure of meeting a very nice lady who had a dachshund (Fenway) and every time she went swimming I would babysit Fenway until she came back. By the end of the day I had fallen head over heels in love with Fenway!

Groomer Angie said...

Bubbles looks great! Hard to believe she is 10! I love that she *hunts* she's a cutie

kalyxcorn said...

aw, what a sweet story!! :)


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

happy birthday Bubbles! 10 is a noble life! many more years to come!