Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm really proud of myself for getting completing my goal of getting both pups out and about this week!!

At the beginning of the week, Victoria went with me to a Social Media meeting at my job with UTPD. It took her a little bit to settle down, and I couldn't get her to "go in" under the table.

Hope accompanied me through Food City and Staples she seems to have some aversion to her jacket, and walked with her head and tail down the entire time. We'll need to work on boosting her self confidence. :))

Victoria got the biggest outing purely by accident; and she wasn't overly excited about it either, but she and I went to Ruby Tuesday for Lunch today. Once again we had the "go in" struggle. So this is obviously something she and I need to work on.
What was funny is that the staff thought I was blind and gave me a braille menu.

We walked through the mall; and then headed to the Sprint Store. Both places she walked nicely, though had to watch and make sure she wasn't licking peoples hands as we walked by them.

A Good Week!!


Groomer Angie said...

She is just too cute for words. I have wondered one thing though since I've started following your blog, do you have trouble with people coming up and wanting to pet her while she is *working*

Erin said...

With the bigger dogs and dogs that are of a common breed (labs, goldens) not too much, but with puppies Vikki's size, and the doodles people are ALWAYS wanting to come and pet and mostly disregard the human that just HAPPENED to be at the other end of the leash. *annoying*

smarty said...

victorio looks so sweet. i really enjoy reading your blog and following your progress with your dogs.