Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Adoption Day

Texas sitting on top of a platform facing the camera
Today 1 year ago, Texas officially became a part of our family. It has been quite the roller coaster ride,and I can defiantly tell you there is a good reason I have him.

After the first couple of months, my dad wanted me to give him up, his high pitched scream would go on for hours while crated, he was/is extremely reactive on leash, in my car and at the door. While he is wonderful with people he knows, he is extremely wary of strangers and would rather bite first and ask questions later.

He's defiantly a trainer kind of dog, and has forced me to learn more about dogs, training, aggression, desenzitation etc..

We first tackled his separation anxiety, I did it the hard way truthfully, I could have let him learn that the crate was a great thing, with treats and toys; but I mainly just put him and left. Which worked...eventually but it was a long and loud process. Once I saw the error of my ways, we went back and re taught him, and now he LOVES his crate. I just tell him "kennel" and he dashes for one of the five crates. :))

Texas and Bubbles curled up together in a wire crate with sunshine streaming in on themWhile his behavior was difficult, he learned new things sooo quickly, he got to be my clicker guinea pig, and LOVES it. Training sessions are always funny as he'll throw behaviors before I'll even finish cuing them. He knows; "Sit,Down,Wait,Come,Leave it, Up, Spin, Roll, High Five, Shake, Get em' Tex (A bad command for a reactive dog, but I can't help it), Go to your bed, Kennel"
Its a challenge find new things to teach him! (Ideas anyone?)

I can say that he has improved GREATLY, and if I could spend some more time at home, we could make sooooo much more progress. But that is on the to do list for next year.

He has been a great companion for Bubbles, and truthfully the two are inseparable. 

He spent his first weekend boarding this weekend. I was very apprehensive about how he would do, but figured I'd get a phone call if he'd bit anyone. (He's less reactive out of his territory) 
When I went to pick them Up I asked how he did, and the guy who hauled their crate to the car for me, said they were very good, and didn't bark. Could've knocked me over with feather.

Have I mentioned the word progress lately?? I love this little guy!

Texas standing beside the door intently gazing at something


Carrie and Waffle said...

Happy 'Welcome to the family' day! glad to see that you both have found the ones who need you the most. Life is sweet.

L^2 said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Happy Adoption Day! I know what it is like to have trainer type of dog...Marley is not easy but I love him. Have you tried teaching Tex to fetch things on command? How about finding a toy or treat that you have hidden? Dachshunds love to hunt for things!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Way to go, Texas! (Of course, living in Austin, we just think that's a great name for a dog, hee hee)

Erin, we enjoy your blogs & wanted to pass on the "You're a Blessing!" award to you, because you ARE! Your work is terrific & I know the pups you train are a great blessing also!