Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bath Time

Dear FurPals,

If someone knows, would you please mind telling me the reason for the torture, our humans call baths?? I can't figure it out, and don't know what it was I did to deserve a bath?

I'm really a very classy pup, and I rarely roll in stinky stuff like some I could name...(Texas: HEY!! MOM!??!) If I do roll, its only in something of the highest quality of smells. 

So there is really no need for a bath! Mom said something about me visiting my foster mom next week, and that I need to smell good or something. 


She loves me just the way I am, so there is really no need for me to get all fancied up! *whew* But I survived, and I...uh..suppose..i smell..bEtTer..(gag)

Hope standing in the bathtub with her head hanging out the side, looking sad,her hair has been artfully arranged to stick straight up with shampooHope in the tub, pre-washing...she doensn't know what's about to hit her!

Outings This Week
Monday mom introduced me to my service dog harness. I don't really like wearing that silly vest much, so mom was hoping that we could go ahead and move me into my vest, and me be ok with that.

Guess what? I"M NOT!!

We we were going to go see a friend's child who was playing in the Kville Youth Orchestra and it was my turn to go...whoopteedoo. Mom decided to go ahead and put my harness on about 20 minutes before we were supposed to leave.

This was my reaction:
Hope curled up on a dog bed, with her head facing the wall..she is wearing a leather harness which fits like a normal dog walking harness, but with a handle attached at the back.

I pouted all the way to to the Theater, and then tried to scratch it off as we walked in. Once We got settled, I went to sleep; and slept through the whole thing. Well except for the part where they were banging the drums around, but hey! I had a nap to get in, so it didn't disturb me much.

{Knoxville Youth Orchestra on stage in the grand TN Theater }
Tuesday, we were back out at the kennels for several hours, while Mom did whatever she does out there. Victoria and I just hang out in the yard for the most part, and play with whoever else gets put in with us.

{Hope and Victoria sit behind the fence in the playyard.}
When we get home, Texas is always soo happy to see us, but by this time, we are both completely zonked, and cannot even THINK about moving. So he'll sit and bark at us..but we ignore him.

Thursday, mom and I went on a long ride, to a place with lots of cars and people. She called it "college" and we walked around and went to lots of desks and then left.Good. That's over.

Or not...

Then we went to like 3 other places; I didn't really like going, since I had to where that stupid thing on my back; not only that but mom kept holding the HANDLE; which I most DEFTNTLY hated.

Boy was I glad to be back home.

Victoria went out yesterday to a play and dinner. I was happy to hang out with Texas and Bubbles at home.
Victoria and Hope golden retrievers, sitting looking towards the camera..I say towards as Victoria is looking at my dachshund Texas who is out of the photo/></a><br></p><p>Being a Service Pup is HARD WORK!</p><p><br></p><p><a href=


Rebecca, Ely and Rocky said...

Ely and Rocky seem to enjoy their bath, I guess they just know they get one weather they are happy or not. Spike ( the puppy we currently have for puppy camp) didn’t enjoy his bath this afternoon at all.

Groomer Angie said...

My dearest little Hope, you will get used to that dumb thing you have to wear and I bet even one day you will actually LOVE wearing it. Your Mom is only doing what is best for you and your new little boy or girl that you will be getting. Sorry about that bath thing, us 2-leggers are just weird that way, what can say?