Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Play

So since about August, I've had at least two service dogs in my home, the difficulty in that is making sure they get an equal amount of exposures during the week. And since I work another job, its makes that ideal just a little bit harder, but we do our best.

I posed a question to my Puppy Raising group, a little while back, to see if any of my other Multi-SD-Pup friends, had ever attempted to take both their dogs out at the same time. Not many were brave enough to do so; and I was more nervous about the reaction of the establishment, more so than if the dogs would behave with each other.

{Bubbles in her Coat}
There have been a couple of times, when I've asked me sister to handle one, while I had the other, but backed out at the last minute.

Well Sunday, I was presented with a Dilemma. We were going to see a Nativity play in Downtown K-vIlle, which pup to take? Bishop had already been crate during church and pooped while in there. (MY FAULT OF COURSE) and Victoria would be stuck at home for the next week, and I really wanted to get her out....hmmm....

I finally decided to see if my dear sister, would handle one of the pups while we were out. To which she said she would.

So after church, i ran home, hauled crate outside, cleaned pup, threw blankets in the wash, took Bubbles and Texas out to potty, and loaded the others into the vehicle.

Our first stop was Taco Bell. Vicki has this thing about not wanting to get out of the car, so I left her and took Bishop as we ran inside. The we hurried onto the Collisiem, where the show was too be held.

One thing they forgot to tell me...was we were arriving 30 minutes early.

My sister and I walked the dogs in and found a seat, fairly empty, with nobody in front or behind. I had Victoria, since she's been showing some nervousness about being out in public..and I start to get her settled about five seats down from Bishop.

Wellll he decided he didn't want to be away from me, and threw a little fit; so I moved him over too "sit" with me. I had them down, and began rewarding every three seconds with tiny pieces of treats.

Being a new place, he really didn't want to lay down at that moment, so he walked over to "visit" with Victoria. Of course at that moment, a group of people come in and decide to sit down in front of us.
Note: the seats were so close together, you tip your head back you were hitting someone's leg...thankfully my claustrophobia isn't too severe.
Which meant that the puppies walking around meant they were bumping into the people in front of them. That (in puppy language) translates to "Oh a person! I must say hi".  Our seat mates seem  quite nervous about having the dogs behind them, but they didn't move, and neither did I. Cause we were there first.

15 minutes later I decided to walk them around some, to get some of the "jitters" out of their system. Since the Collissuem was huge, we walked up and down several flights of stairs, up and down the halls, and to the bathroom to collect any clean up supplies.
I have to remember to get myself into baby puppy mode.

 {Bishop }
After that we decided to go back to our seat, as the play started in 5 minutes. But unfortunately I wasn't fast enough, because another group came and sat on our row, which mean there really wasn't any room for two puppies to lay down.

Thankfully seeing both dogs, encouraged them to move to another row. By this time, our trek around the building had worn Bishop out, and he collapsed under my friends feet, never to be heard from again...until after the play.

Victoria however, wasn't so easily deterred. You never know what monster might come out and get you if you let your guard down!  And sat against my OTHER sisters leg, and let her pet her.

After the lights went down, I pulled out their treat (rawhide candy canes) and convinced her to lay down. Where she stayed, before finally stretching out and going to sleep.

There were a couple of parts where she looked up to see what was going on, but for the most part she stayed where she was.

{Victoria checking out the screaming child behind us}
After it was over, we stood around our seat talking/letting the arena clear out some, before leaving. BIshop did not move a muscle..which was fine with me.

{Bishop sleeping under a seat}
I carried him outside, let him "go potty" (which he's a champ at btw) and we went on home.

 Tired, but happy at a successful trip.

-We're not doing that again anytime soon....:)


Scout 'n Freyja said...

Momma says that she would be a flop as a puppy raiser because she just loves us so much and would run away if someone wanted to take us away from her so she'd be a failure, yes, she would.

But, momma sure does admire folks who do raise pups for others because that is a furry noble thing to do. We think that you must be noble.

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Sounds like an oddly fun time:)

Love all the pictures!
And Bishop is soo cute,

Toby's Trainer
SEGDI Raiser

Anonymous said...

I love Bubble's coat.

Tulip Frolics said...

I love Bubble's coat.