Thursday, December 10, 2009


So we're going to go out on a limb here,and say that Hope probably won't be coming back to our house,before she graduates. We'll miss her, but are excited to see her with her new only five short days!
In the mean time, since we like to keep ourselves, exceptionally busy...our friend Bishop is here for the weekend. Bishop is a 14wo Bouvier (BooVeeAir) Des Flandres. Texas did NOT know what on earth he was, and it took all evening to calm him down. But they are fine now. :))
Bishop fluffy black and grey mixed puppy, looking at the camera
Bishop looking at the camera with ear sticky out to the side and mouth open

Bubbles however is not, physically anyhow, those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, know that I came home to a dog in LOTS of pain. It seems that her back problem has flared up again, and she was could barely move yesterday; so I spent a lot of time, loving on her, and carrying her out of the way of the puppies.

I left her for about three hours for church, and when I got back, it seem with rest, she was better.

Thursday - 
Wow what a day this has been! It started bright and early around 7:00AM, waking myself up, and then getting Bishop out to potty; (which thankfully he is very quick about doing) then the procession of carrying Bubbles outside, then letting Texas and Victoria out. Feeding them, dressing me, and straightening my house (as the heating guy was supposed to drop by while I was gone) get Bubbles a heating pad set up in the crate, and load puppies in the car.
Victoria sitting against the back seat of the car

Wilderwood was one of three organization's chosen by a local radio station, to raise money for, and they wanted a dog to be there. My co-workers chose to take Victoria with them, so I dropped her off, and then Bishop and I went to Wal-Mart.

Those of you who have been following my blog since Midnight was around, you'll now that Wal-Mart + Me + Small Puppies = A Mess. I knew Bishop hadn't pooped before we left home, so I loaded myself up with cleaning supplies, and attempted to get him to potty before went inside. No. Such. Luck. 

Well, the only comfort I could find, was that the store is basically empty at 8:00AM.

Sure enough we made it to (HAH) the cleaning aisle, before he couldn't hold it.(Despite me sitting him at every stop). I was able to "catch" most of it on a paper towel positioned strategically. Cleaned up, thrown away, and we move on.

We check out, and I speed home, so I could burn some photo CD's for a co-worker, before we headed out to the kennels for a staff meeting.

Staff Meeting.....prep for Graduation......Met with another foster family, watched Bishop Play, reschedule a meeting, and fill out paperwork...

Began to head home, and realize, I forgot to leave the CD's!?

Turn Around

Drive Back, jump out, place items in a obvious place.

Get back in car and drive different way home.

The Loooong way.

But that gave me time, to call my co-worker and arrange to pick up Victoria on my way home. They gave her more rave reviews, said she did great, she was so excited to see me, when I opened the door to come inside, she dashed out the door, and refused to come back in!

Victoria and Bishop laying in the back seat of the car, Victoria is leaning away from Bishop who is curled into a ball and taking up  most of the seat
closer shot of Bishop curled up in the back seat
We finally got home, got everyone pottied, lunch fed etc....Victoria has discovered that she can reach the kitchen table....and finished my lunch for me. *sigh* Just another thing for me to work on.

The spent the rest of the afternoon, alternating between sleeping and tearing around the yard. Victoria would find a stick, and taking off zooming around, with Bishop far behind, but doing his best to catch up!

Bishop curls up on dog bed, while Victoria contents herself with laying beside itBishop and Victoria laying on the larger dog bed together

BTW- If I ever agree to watch a small puppy, or decide to foster a puppy in the winter, please feel free to hit me over the head with a 2x4. Victoria has decided, since Bishop gets to go outside, every 30 minutes (Current Temp: 26) she should too, and has been going to the door, and sitting or standing and looking at me. *ssigggh* 

Times like these makes me really appreciate my dachshunds. Who are curled by the heater, and haven't moved for the majority of the evening. Speaking of dachshunds, Bubbles was up and walking around outside today, does that mean she's better? Not necessarily since she came back in, and hasn't moved from her spot on the couch since.  Prayers, Good Thoughts or whatever would be greatly appreciated for her!!!

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Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

What a DAY! All our best to's so hard when they're not feeling well!

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Wow, you sound busy!!
Hope Bubbles stays better:)

Toby's Trainer
SEGDI Raiser

L^2 said...

What a cutie Bishop is! On, and of course the other dogs are cute too (wouldn't want them to feel left out). :-) I hope Bubbles is feeling all better soon.