Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 In Review

2009 is coming to a close, and wow have I had a busy year!!! Never would I have dreamed of all the different things to come my way this year!!

Dog's Trained: 8 - Timothy, Veda, Ben, Gideon, Daniel, Ira, Hope, Dublin
Dogs Fostered: 1 - Victoria
Dog Puppy Sitting: 6 - Jordan, Eden, Lydia, Mensa, Bishop, Ben (before he became a SD)
Total Dogs this Year: 15 not counting Bubbles & Texas

Foster Pups in My Group: Yiska, Gideon, Hope Ira, Noah, Ophel, Phillip,Yoda, Zach, Bishop, Abby, Casey, Felix, Reuben, Willow.
A hard month with so many changes, I couldn't see straight. Signed up for two classes with our community college in WNC. Bubbles, Texas and I moved to TN on our own, and I started working with Wilderwood Service Dogs. My first trainee was a bouncy 1yo Retriever mix, named Timothy. He was defiantly a challenge, but I didn't feel overly intimidated by working with him.

I was home all day with this job, and bored out of my mind. No internet in my home, so I was stuck going outside, trying to find my way around an unknown city, and going to restaurants for internet. My friends really baled me out during this month, so I frequently visited their home, or went out with them. Bubbles and Texas acclimated really well to our new place (well except for Bubbles throwing up every day for the first week we were here) and we learned more about working with Mr.Tim.

My first Wilderwood Graduation was like nothing I'd been in for sure! I'd seen autistic children, but had never experienced it first hand, how their emotions are so easily effected by new environments, sensory overloads etc.. It was also hard, since I didn't know much about autism spectrum, or how to help the parents help the dog help the child. It was most defiantly a learning experience. I was soo thankful we got three days off afterward, and pretty much just collapsed! Veda arrived A week later, I was promoted to Foster Program Manager, and began, working with our volunteer foster families, answering questions, Running puppy classes, working on different training problems as they arose, and anything else that was required. 

I was settling into my new position as FPM. This was just one of those months, that you really don't recall much of, since it wasn't too much going on. School was close to wrapping up, My sisters, Veda,Texas went back across the mountain, to Chimney Rock's Bark in the Park. That was fun! Well after we got Texas to stop trying to bite anyone close to him... 

Busy, busy month, Ben was given to Wilderwood as a service dog, and came to live with me. (Speaking of Ben, I just heard that he is doing great with his new family! *sniff* I miss that dude)My sister was graduated High school, Finals were due, Rei and Kacie came to visit, which was AMAZING; 

2nd Wilderwood Graduation, with Veda and his brother Xerxes; since I knew what was going to happen, it was a lot easier in some respects, than my last one. Still was great to get to see the dogs and kids bond with each other. After graduation was over, we headed to FL, for a church event, and then a trip to Universal Studios!! When I got back, I was offered a position with the University of Tennessee Police Department, and I accepted it. Gideon came to live with me as my 4th trainee.


Started work at UTPD, added Daniel to my gang. Gideon and Daniel were defiantly an interesting combination...they on such opposite ends of behavior levels, that it was driving me crazy, so Gideon moved on to another trainer. Texas turned a year old! 


Daniel moved on to another trainer, and Ben came back for a couple weeks, before moving on to ANOTHER trainer, and Ira came to live with me. She defiantly kept me busy, puppy proofing, and then re-puppy proofing, and go back and RE-puppy proofing my house. If there ever was a dog with ADHD...she would have been it. Decided school wasn't going to happen this semestor :((

Graduation No. 3, 3rd verse same as the first, this graduation went the smoothest. Said goodbye to my buddy Ben, attended my first Knoxville Campmeeting while living in Knoxville. Next year vowing to board the dogs.

Wilderwood changed our flow system, so I was traveling to our kennel facility three times a week and training pups out there. Victoria came home with me, and Gideon arrived back and left again. We baby sat Mensa for a week...then brought Hope in around the middle of the month. I'm so glad she looks so much better now!! Its hard to believe she was once so gaunt!!

{Ira and Victoria napping}

{Gideon & Victoria laying in the grass}

 {Hope surrounded by leaves}
Moved back into my position as Foster Program Manager, and working from home. Celebrated the Anniversary of the arrival of Bubbles & Texas. Went out of town for Thanksgiving, and boarded Bubbles & Texas for the first time. They got great reviews bit sigh of relief from me! Hope moved onto the last stage of her training, and we enjoyed our time with Victoria. 

A mass of dogs,work, graduation, and trips. Well and you've all read about it here. Wow is it just me or are the years getting shorter??

Looking forward to next year, I've got a lot cooking just starting in January...STAY TUNED!!!



Heather said...

Wow, what a busy & successful year! Loved the review & loved all the photos!

Anonymous said...

You've been working hard this year! Doing good in the world. The pictures are great.

Tulip Frolics said...

You've been working hard this year! Doing good in the world. The pictures are great.