Friday, December 12, 2008

December 12: Like Laney

Hi Guys,
Here is random fact about me.


I guess since Bubbles is so big doesn't bother her, but when I go outside, I shiver and shiver and SHIVER!!!
One day as I was trying to convince mom to put me in her lap, I noticed something blowing on her feet!! It was very warm and toasty, so I settled right down, pushing moms feet out of the way.
It was great!!

Ever since, that has become my favorite spot; and when I get to hot, I just go lay on my bed, and then come back and lay down.
Top veiw of Texas laying by the heater

Texas on the floor by heater

And then just the other day, I saw that our friend Laney liked to do the same thing!! How funny :D

Mom took Bubbles and I to PetsMart today, we were buying presents for a party or something.
Anyways, that place is kind of fun, but I felt the need to "protect" Mom and Bubbles from all those strange people and dogs!!! I let them know that we was a pack not to be messin' with.

Mom wasn't happy with me at all, and kept correcting me; finally I listened, cause its not nice to have mom upset. But then this big person leaned over me, and can you imagine what that must look like to me?! So I had to tell them.

Bubbles was pretending she didn't know me, I think, cause she was staying as far away as possible.

I guess its a good thing I"m so cute huh? Mom says we're going to work on that...wooptiy doo.

Texas looking out the window


Texas - Blog Cutie


The FOUR Musketeers said...

awww ! Texas is so smart !! :D

Kess And Her Mama said...

Hmm...Over here in M'sia, we have the opposite to that...It blows cool air, which we need in our sunny weather.

Tell yr mum that all dogs are ingrained to protect our pack...We're just doing our job, mam'

Matilda said...

Hi Texas!
I live in a cold place and I like snow, but honestly I prefer a warm place by a heater like you.
Take care!

Raising Addie said...

You are very cute Texas! I know you were just protecting them.