Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 7: Dog Pause Bowls

Hey Guys,
Lately I have been talking a lot about dog food, and which foods are healthier then others; but what I haven't talked about is WHAT we feed our dogs out of.
Most of us have the standard dog bowl, looks sort of like this:
If you are like me, your dogs can clear this bowl in just 45 seconds flat; (and that's not an actual count) So far, I haven't had a puppy that didn't dig into their food, and choke and gag as they were vacuuming their bowls; Sometimes I would put plastic toys, or large rocks in their bowls to get them to slow down some and chew.
While they would work somewhat, it wasn't at all convenient.

Apparently I was not the only one who wanted a solution to this problem and they have graciously allowed me to try out one of their new bowls:

DOG PAUSE BOWLS by Long Tail Pet Products


What They Say:
  • Dog Pause has integrated portion control - each "feeding zone" is 1/2 cup, so its easier to measure food and ensure against accidental over-feeding. This helps with managing obesity risk and the vets really love this aspect of the bowl.
  • Dog Pause bowls come in two colors and just one size. Works with dogs from 15-150 lbs.
  • And the price is quite affordable at only $12.95
The inventor of the DogPause dogbowl is Nancy Kerrigan, an inventor who also happens to be a dog fanatic. Nancy heard her dog gag one time too many, and had an idea to divide the bowl into smaller "feeding zones" and add a fun element to the bowl in the center. Her dog just couldn't get her entire face into the bowl, and as a result, ate more slowly. It was pure genius!

The DogPause dog bowl works to slow down the pace of eating and aid with portion control in the following ways:
  • Divides the bowl into 4 feeding zones
  • Each feeding zone is 1/2 cup in capacity and designed to "block" the dog from putting his full snout into the bowl; this slows down eating pace as your dog needs to use his tongue for each bite
  • After your dog finishes each zone, he must re-position himself for the next zone
  • The bowl is designed to slide a little on the floor, further slowing down the dog as he needs to re-position for each bite

What I say:
I was very eager to try the bowl, and was hoping that Midnight would be able to try it out; but alas she is gone, and I only have my dachshunds.

BUT Texas is a huge food fan, and gulps down his food as fast as his little mouth can go. With DogPause, I will admit to being surprised to see him stop and chew his food while eating out of this bowl! Its defiantly a lot easier then putting toys or other objects in his bowls!

I even took this bowl to work with me, and tried it out with some of our fast eaters there! It was good to see them stop and chew their food; although they still cleaned it out pretty fast!

It can hold about three cups comfortably, and maybe four if you carefully pour it over the top.

It can also double as a food and water bowl for smaller dogs. Since Texas is only eating a 1/4 c. per meal, it can fit in two portions, and water can go in the other portions; which also allows me to monitor his water intake. But heres a tip: Never give a Texas puppy a 1/2 cup of water before bed. Its quite messy. LOL!

Defiantly a bowl I would recommend and can't wait to use on my guide dog puppies;


Katie in MA said...

This is great, thanks!

The FOUR Musketeers said...

wow the bowl looks great ! But we're using the standard bowl ! haha !