Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Playing Catch Up


My week started out with the news that we were getting a moving truck on Saturday, and moving some things across the mountain. All I could do was shake my head. If we get out of here in the next 10 years, it will be nothing short of a MIRACLE.

Tuesday: I have been a puppy walker for almost 3 years, and this was the first year we’ve had enough people to have a Christmas party! I was excited yet dreading it at the same time, as I remember quite clearly my reaction to the last meeting I went to puppy less. Not so much fun. But I wanted to see everyone again; so I decided to go.

My bosses were kind enough to let me off 30 minutes early, so I could get there semi on time; my whole family was scheduled to be there as well, but when I arrived...I was the only one there!!

My Area Coordinator was in the process of quizzing the rest of the group on our Puppy Manual Knowledge; as I walked through the room, I almost tripped on a black furry lump laying in the middle of road way.... since when did we have a puppy that small there??
Ross is splayed out in the floor
As it turns out, in the last couple of weeks, we have gained another puppy walker! Bringing our group back up to ...well...4 ...technically 5 counting me. He is a 11-12 week old, MBL named Ross, and this dog is HUGE.

Sue’s puppy walkers were there minus a puppy as well, so I didn’t feel TOO left out. The Thomas family, (Honey’s PW’s and Sam’s sponsors,) were there as well. Penny and Neil were there with their P.Wing family as well as our resident guide Joe.
Joe being a good guide dog, and staying under the chair
{Joe out of harness}
Neil sacked out in the floor
Penny receiving loving
{Penny gets some loving from another party member}
Autumn gets kisses from SAM
{Sam gives my youngest sister Kisses}
Sam looking very handsome
{Sam looking quite handsome...only 5 months old this guy!}
After the quiz was over, the Thomas family had to depart, so I hurried over to talk to the mom a little, bit. While we were chatting about Rei and Honey, my A/C was describing how we were going to go through the food line.
The next thing I know, my family is happily blindfolding me and leading me through the food line.

Note to self: Never trust a six-year-old.

Even though I was only blindfolded for about an hour, it really struck me pretty deeply.
Since I’ve started puppy walking, I’ve been around blind people more often, and watching them be so independent, has kind of changed my opinion about blindness. I figured that if one day that was to happen to me, that I could cope. And while my opinion about that hasn’t changed, I just realize how difficult it would be to have to re-learn some things. Even though I had seen the layout of the room before hand, once I was blindfolded, I had no clue where I was, or how to get to the food table. And once there I had no clue what there was too eat. I was totally at the mercy of my family.
Who were more then eager to lead me astray. Well my siblings anyways.

My mom was the clearest in her directions and descriptions of things, while my sisters were very vague.
Being blindfolded was also hard in another way, as I couldn’t tell if people were talking to me, or if they were listening to me when I talked. I couldn’t see their face expressions to know; and so I kind of sat silently waiting for someone to acknowledge my presence at the table.
I wanted to talk to our new PW, but didn’t know if she was close enough for me to talk to her, or if she was even paying attention. Eating wasn’t that hard, just a matter of figuring out what I was about to put my hand into.

Half way into my second plate, I gave up and took off the blindfold. After that we did a gift exchange, and Texas and Bubbles got a bag of healthy treats! Which given my recent health kick, I was very grateful of.

After the gift exchange everyone started heading out, due to school finals and all. Even after I got home, my blindfold experience stuck with me, its not something I’m likely to forget soon.

I was scheduled to go into work at 7AM on Wednesday morning, but at 6:15AM, I get a frantic call from my boss asking me to come in ASAP.
He didn’t give me much information, other then his wife had passed out on the way in; so I threw some clothing on, and tore to work, as fast as I could go,....without getting a whopping ticket.
Bubbles and Texas eating breakfast at YWIP
{we left so fast, the dogs had to eat on arrival}
Once there, the morning got busier; another co-worker came in, though it was her day off; even with that going on, I found out that our groomer, dog had passed away in the night (this is her second dog in two weeks to die), and they were having to make calls to all of her appointments and let them know what happened. XXXX aunt came and picked her up around 8:30AM, and took her to urgent care.

Around 9:00AM, we got another call that they were sending her to the hospital, so she could undergo some brain scans; which was really concerning her husband (of course), so as soon as XXXXX, came in at 11:00, he took off and left us girls in charge of the daycare.

Since they didn’t know how things were going to play out with XXXX, he went ahead and had us tell everyone, that the daycare would be closed for Thursday. And Xxxxxx and I got to work the horrid weekend shift. (7-12/3-6)
We ordered Pizza and took care of the dogs, and waited anxiously for calls. I finally left around 4:30 PM, and drub myself home; only to turn around and go to church for three hours, before calling it a night.

Thursday - Boring day of work. Texas and his friend Jersey had fun...well Tex did anyhow.
I'll get this..I have too!!

Can someone please come and get the brat??

but at six, our youth group was going Christmas caroling, which was a lot of fun, after that we went to CiCi’s Pizza for dinner (.....), and then went over our pastors house, for more food and games.
OUr group caroling at an older folks home
A group of young people playing two sets of jenga
Kristen playing Jenga
Another group of teens playing Sorry
By 11:30, I forced myself to go home, since I knew that it would be almost 12 before I got home. And I’m the type, if I don’t get some sleep; I won’t get up when my alarm goes off.

Made it to work bright and early Friday, and went to pick up my sister from a friends house, which also effectively squashed my plans to do some Christmas shopping. Which I suppose is just as well, because when I got home, I had to pack up my room....which took some time. It was close to 2AM, before I was done.
Texas and Bubbles chose the better part I believe:
Texas and Bubbles, with bubbles's head resting on texas's back
Texas and Bubbles snoozing

My father comes in bright and early on Saturday; trying to get someone’s phone number from me; and I went ahead and forced myself up; because I knew my house would soon be full of men and boys. The rest of the day was spent packing boxes and FINDING things that were ready to go in the truck. One of which included the WASHING MACHINE. (ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!)

I don’t know whose idea that was, but if you can’t tell, I’m not so happy about that.

This is what Texas and Bubbles did while the rest of us worked:
Texas grabs hold of the toy and demands bubbles give it back to him
bubbles says HA not living and grabs it back
TExas and Bubbles playing with a red and white rope toy
Thanks a lot guys!

Once we arrived over the mountain....I decided to go ahead and stay in “my” house for the night, and we made a trip to Wal-Mart, so I could pick up some cleaning supplies; and a queen-sized sheet for that bed.
The house is old and musty ...and despite my Lysoling, it was still hard to breathe; and on top of that, the stove has to be replaced....yay.
So basically, while I wasn’t nervous about being by myself (heh, I had Bubbles and Texas...who were having a great time), I was getting depressed with the amount of things that needed to purchased/done before I could feel comfortable living there.

Sunday was jam-packed with church, dinner with friends, shopping, un-packing the truck, taking care of the dogs, more church, and then traveling home again.

Monday morning came way to early..... and now we are filling the time, trying to make some room in the dining room, so we can have a place to eat Christmas Dinner.

Sooooo today is Wednesday - Christmas Eve
Texas, Bubbles and I are about to head out, I to do some shopping, and then later on, them to do some playing.

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Erin & Co.
Bubbles and Texas

Guide Dog Foundation Puppies:
Jake, Rei and Midnight

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