Friday, July 24, 2009

From Gideon

Dear Mom and Dad,
Hiya! Gideon here, thought I'd drop you guys a note, and let you know how I'm doing. Well ok, it was Erin's idea, but I at least acted on it! That counts for something right?

So anyways, I'm having fun here, if I'm not play with Daniel or Texas, I'm probably sleeping. I've already picked my favorite spots in the hosue. One is the bathroom floor. Aaaah, and the other is the big wire crate in Erin's room.

Well it was until Daniel came and took it. Something about him being bigger than I am. Whatever he is just a hog. But we do have a lot of fun together. Most everyday we get to go outside OFF LEASH and run, and play, and explore all over ever we want too!
Well as long as we don't go under the barbed wire fence in back. Than we get in trouble and have to go STRAIGHT HOME. So I do my best.. though I'll admit its mostly Erin keeping me close to here, and don't go over there.In the house, Me, and Bubbles and Daniel and Texas like to bark at things passing the house, its great fun! Don't know why I never tried it before?!

Other than that, I'm learning lots, and trying to be on my bestest behavior ever!! Miss You!


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Sarah, Tara, Annie, Sammy, and JD said...

Oh yeah! Barking is loads of fun, but shh! We don't want other dogs to know that :)
Glad you and Daniel are getting along, You look like you have a blast with him