Monday, July 20, 2009

Shakesphere in the Park

Saturday night, my friends and I decided to visit a play one of our foster families was in. And since it was an outdoor event, I figured it was the perfect place to get both Daniel and Gideon out in.
Gideon laying down
I'd spent alllllll day take wedding pictures for a friend, and then helping put together decoration,and favors, so I knew they needed to get out of the house for a while.
Headshot of Daniel and Gideon
Daneil and Gideon
....Lets just say I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

Gideon and Daniel are not at the same level, mentally, or socially, and so it was a very hard night Gideon. I finally just took him, and let him hang out in the car (it was a night time, so no heat issues) while we finished up the play. Daniel alternated between sleeping,and soaking up all the attention he receives while in public. If it doesn't go to his head, I don't know what will :D
I feel bad for Gideon, the whole experiance was just too much for him. Guess we'll go back to square one and gradually build back up again.I hope to go back and see it again, while they are still putting them on, so I can see the whole thing :D

Side Note: I guess that's one thing, that is hard to remember ESPECIALLY when you have two dogs at one time. They both are completely different even if they are the same age. You can't expect the same thing, at the same time, ...oh well its all a learning experiance!! :D


D0gl0v3r said...

We hope you enjoyed the play! :)

Sarah, Tara, Annie, Sammy, and JD said...

I do conquer! Having 5 with two sets at the same age level is hard. you have to switch modes quickly cause each one learns at a different pace and style.
Keep it up! Is Gideon a Lab/Golden cross?

Erin and the Furry Troops said...

Gideon's a full blooded Golden!