Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sam's Club

Today I finally got up the nerve to haul my camera into a store, and take photos of the dog while in there. I know silly that I wouldn't want to but, I feel weird hauling out a DSLR in a store.
Anyways Daniel, accompanied me through Sam's Club to get some new tires on my car; We spent a lot of our time, talking to people...."What's IS HE?!?!" " Oh I thought you had a stuffed animal in here" (I love that one. Seriously people!?) and doing some training.

I am currently working on the "behind" command. This is where the dog walks directly behind you, so you can get through, narrow spaces. I have tried several different ways to work with this command, and am working on something else.

So we worked on that, and "Up" command, and sitting to visit....lots and lots of that. You meet all kinds of interesting people, one lady had 10 dachshunds....all under 1, a GSD, and an Australian Shepherd.

I had to mention to her that, that was crazy. Which she admitted.

After balancing all my purchases in one arm,(shopping cart? Why?) we checked out, and sat on the patio furniture, while waiting for my vehicle to be released.

And waited...and waited....and waited. 1 hour later, one of the guys recognized me, gasps "Oh uh, Ma'am your cars ready".


Thanks for telling me.

But anyways, it was a smooth ride home.


Frankie said...

10 dachshunds all under one? That may be too many even for me! lol.

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

amazing. so interesting to read all those tests the dogs must learn. Daniel is beautiful though--i can see why people say that about him being a stuffed animal!

Twix said...

What a great job Daniel did! It is so neat to see what you do with the pups as they learn the ropes. I looked back but didn't see where you mentioned it, what kind of dog is Daniel?
Love and hugs,

Erin,Bubbles and Texas said...

Daniel is a golden retriever, poodle mix

Raising Addie said...

OMD you sure do have your hands full don't you??!!

We are catching up... mom is such a slacker... and just LOVE your bandanna pix!!

We also have a question for you. How have you been able to train your doxies the down command? Hailey is sooo close to the ground that we just can manage to get her in the down position to teach it to her. We know your mom is the master at training and was hoping she could help us.

Chasing my tale...
Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

Frankie said...

10 dachshunds all under one? That may be too many even for me! lol.