Saturday, February 6, 2010


Wow February is here already! January seemed to drag on for so long...I'm hoping February won't be as crazy! There will be some craziness as I'm still trying to move, and then get the dogs adjusted to a new home..but as long as my dog numbers stay at or around three I should be ok. (crosses fingers hopefully)

Bubbles & Texas are still adjusting to my schedule/Victoria being gone/Pompei's I'm sure this move couldn't come at a worse time. Bubbles has displaying some 'out-of-the-norm' behaviors, that I've come to associate with change. Guess there is some truth to the "Cant teach an old dog new tricks" statement.

Pompei on the other hand is not only growing leaps and bounds, but is excersising his brain more and more each day! I think he's going to win the Smartest Puppy award in my house.

On Monday and Wednesday's he's normally very antsy during my first class period, due to getting a good 35 minute nap on the way over...pretty much dissovling any exercise efforts we put into him before we leave.

So this week I employed a couple of different strategies to help him feel more inclined to sleep during class. On Monday I fed him his breakfast in a KONG, hoping that would keep him busy for at least half of our trip. Five minutes later, the kong was empty and he was settling in for a quick nap.

Sure enough, I spent the first part of my classes, reminding him what position he needed to be in, though during the second class, he went to sleep pretty quickly and with only a little bit of whining.

So Wednesday, I volunteered to take my sister to class (she has class about 40 minutes before mine) and I gave Pompei his breakfast in a bigger and much more frozen KONG. It worked! We were pulling off the campus exit as he finished;

Once we found a parking spot, Walked walked through a couple of buildings, than Potty'ed, before going to our building, and walking around each level. By the time we reached the third level he was more than ready to lay down. And slept through class. #phew

I was just as tired as he was, as I was hauling around all of his stuff, as well as my camera bag, and school books; I was more than happy to find out that my next class was canceled and I could run home.

Pompei is also proving too be a very vocal puppy, thankfully the public has been very forgiving, as Pompei tries to communicate with me vocally....

Yesterday while in Krispy Kreme, he gave the manager a good scare, when he barked at me for not letting him go after a crumb on the floor. It would have been embarrassing if everyone hadn't of been laughing.

I love this little guy. :)


Sandra said...

I hope bubbles settles into the new place. It sounds like Pompei is enjoying his college experience, besides you can't get mad at something so ridiculously adorable. He's a sweetie pie.

Kari in WeHo said...

Sounds like you are all starting to adjust to new schedules pretty well!