Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pompei Posts #4

Happy Valetines Day! We has to take naps alllll day cause we worked real hard yesterday!! I had to help mom put her puter thing together and it was a real hard to get those screw things in their!  I even helped her pick out a new toaster thing, an vacuum!!! But mom didn't even say thank you?!? Nope! Sheez. See if Iz ever helps her again.
{Pompei sitting on top of an upside down desk piece}
{Pompei now laying on another piece of the desk,hindering progress}
{Pompei attempting to see if the desk screws were tasty..getting in the way of progress in other words}
{Pompei finally removed himself from the desk to check out a screw that feel}
{Pompei laying patiently in front of boxes of toaster ovens at Bed Bath and Beyond}
{Pompei laying half off of his blue and green dog bed surrounded by toys and a vacuum cleaner}

Note From Erin: (Pompei was in no danger of eating the cord, or screws as they were all kept out of his reach or in my hands.)


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RescuedPittieMommy said...

Pompei is soooo cute!! Can I have him? ;)