Monday, February 15, 2010

New Camera

I promise I won't get into all the boring photog stuff, but in a nut shell.. I bought another camera, with more lenses to help me get better photos indoors, a better lens for long range shots and the standard "kit" lens.

So I am selling my Sony Alpha DSLR a200 it comes with kit lens (18-55mm),manual, wide angle/macro lens, battery,battery charger,computer cables, etc..etc.. for about $400-450. The only reason I am putting it out here, is because well I've had that camera for about two years and I strange just selling it to some random person. I'm weird I know. Email me if you are interested:

P.S.  (Sorry will only sell to individuals not Bots or "company sites")

Erin and company

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Sandra said...

Very nice pictures. The pups are looking extra photogenic.