Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shots & Car Seats

Today was slated to be Pompei's last round of shots, but somehow, somewhere,something was not read yeah we still have his Rabies to get taken care of. I am a little disappointed as I was looking forward to hitting up some parks with him this weekend.

Ah well.

After we got finished there, we headed to the pet store to pick up some cleaning supplies, and of course, dog treats! While I was in there, I browsed through the car travel section, and came across a "seat", on clearance... hmmm....

I went ahead and purchased it, along with our other "goodies". Texas and Bubbles had rode to the vets office with me, and were waiting in the car to try out their new seat.....quite impatiently.

Well Texas was impatient anyways.

With a couple cookies in hand, I tossed them in, and placed him in it afterward. Right off I could see that this was was probably too small for him to fit comfortable, and was very poorly made. (No wonder it was on clearance!)

Texas didn't appreciate being confined, but he didn't try to get out...too hard. I will probably wind up returning it, as it sorta fell apart when I took him out of it later. But I really wanted it before this weekend.

We'll be headed over the mountain, for Pompei's second puppy meeting, and I didn't want to have to deal with wrestling my puppers out of my lap, while going through windy roads. That and Texas to be still. He wants to run from the front seat, to the back, to the window ledge, to my lap.....

So we have to do what we have to do!

Texas: "My Mom hates me."

Erin and company


Tabatha said...

He looks adorable in that car seat!

Sandra said...

Yea, he definitely looks like he would like to send you a strongly worded letter of complaint. Hehe. He's too funny.

houndstooth said...

Texas, you are too cute in that seat! I hope you have a great trip!


Heather said...

Texas, you look absolutely perfect in that seat! I'm sorry it isn't as good as mom hoped it would be. I'm sure the right one will come along! Of course, nothing is as good as moms lap. ;o)