Friday, September 12, 2008

Busy, Busy Day {by Midnight}

Hi Guys! Mom sure is going to keep me very busy today!  First of all she's going to walk me and my neighbor friends around the least she's taking us early, so that we don't DIE of heat exhaustion! Then hopefully she'll remember that we have eaten and give us something to eat. 

After that--she tells me -- we are going to get in the car, and visit one of FAVORITE, ladies!! 
Our Area Coordinator, for the Guide Dog Foundation!! *I love her a lot* 
She has a new puppy to train, and a new playmate for me!! Fun!! 

Mom says we're going to head on BACK, to the fair and hang out there..?? OH wait she says we have to go by, MY store and pick up some stuff for me!! i hope she gets me a toy! 

THen we're going to the fair, to have fun!! We're also going to meet some more of my puppy walker friends, there later on! 

I can't wait!! 

WOoF!!  Mom will take lots of pictures of course, and I'll post em' here when, we come home..k? 



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