Thursday, September 18, 2008

Itchy, Scratchy, Midnight {by:Midnight}

I love my mommy, but she really, really, needs to stop pulling things funky things on me!! Its not nice!!! Our day started out ordinarily enough, we woke up, busied and mom fed us breakfast! As soon as we were done, we got in the car and headed off to work.

At least that's what i THOUGHT! When we arrived at our destination, mom took me out of the car, without my coat on! Ooh I know what this means!! We're at the PET STORE! I like that place!! .....Except this place looked nothing like any pet store I"d been in.....(and believe me, I've been in quite a few!)

As it turns out, we were at the vets office, not as good as the pet store, but there were still lots of cool smells and dogs! Mom and I walked in and sat down in the lobby area. There was only one other dog in there, but she was super scared for some reason...this place didn't seem scary to me!
Her owner was very impressed with the way, I was laying under mom's chair and not acting crazy...(she didn't seem me the last time we came here). And she and mom started talking about dog training etc..etc. *whatever*
A few minutes later a nice lady called us, and we got up and walked with her. Mom walked me onto this rubber metal thing, and then walked me back off again...I don't know what that was about. The nice lady, took us into a room, where she left mom and me. Mom had me sit and starting reading a book. *gulp* Here comes the scary part!

When the nice lady came back, mom hand me stand up, and the nice stuck something up me!! I did NOT like that whatsoever, so I hid my face in moms skirt. When the not so nice lady FINALLY took it out, I ran and hid behind mom. The not-so-nice-lady left, and I went and curled in a corner...I was so scared.

A little while later, a man and the not-so-nice-lady, came and started petting me, and looking in my ears, and my eyes, and teeth (which he said were gorgeous btw). After a little while I realized that he was nice, and rolled over so he could pet my belly. Then he and the not-so-nice-lady left AGAIN! When the came back, he had something in his hand..I tried to see what it was, but mom was holding me head..but I'm pretty sure it was a shot!!

After that he was all done, and talked to mom for a little while...apparently I'm allergic to something in the environment, so they gave me a some meds, and a ointment for the sore I licked on my paw. :-(

Oh well, at least I won't be chewing on myself any more!! Mom and I left a little while later for work...*phew*
Midnight in the office
{Hanging out in the office, notice the sore on my paw...that is from me licking it a lot!}

And so I can't figure out how to end this post, so I'll just give you a random fact about me:
Random Fact No. 208:
{Midnight can consume a Nylabone...we're not talking little ones either here folks. Either that or its hiding under the piano!}



Raising Addie said...

Hey Midnight, it's talk like a pirate day today!

T' vet... I LOVE t' go t' t' Vet! me Vet be t' nicest man ever! He gets down on t' floor and plays with me before he checks me out. When I was a younger puppy, I got so excited t' see him that I knocked his glasses starboard off his head! He be such a good guy that he didn't mind. (Mom was real embarrassed though so it was off t' trainin' for me.)"

I have a wonderful surprise for you Midnight! I nominated you for an award! We love your blog!

Rebecca, Ely, and Sherman said...

We hope you feel better soon! I have allergies too, and they make me really itchy.

Anonymous said...
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Abz-Chelsea said...

Chels has a lump on her leg that she wont stop licking even with the Yuck oinment. Glad midnight was so behaved at the vets. I know when Chelsea is there some dogs are just out of control

Rebecca, Ely, and Sherman said...

We hope you feel better soon! I have allergies too, and they make me really itchy.