Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life and Stuff.. {by Erin and Midnight}

The Proximity Award"We all like blogs. Their objectives are to show the wonders and to make friendships; there are people who are not interested when we give an award, and in this way contribute to cut those bows; we want that they are cut or they propagate? Then we will try to pay more attention to them! We must give it to other bloggers that must do the same and put this text."

Midnight: Cool! Our friend Addie gave us ANOTHER award! Sweet! Thanks so much guys! We'll pass this one on to our friend.....

Erin: These last couple of days, have been pretty uneventful in a sense.. Monday Midnight and I went to Piano Lessons...which she thinks is DEATHLY boring. After that we came home, and walked with our neighbor and her two dogs. By the time we got through with that, It was time for us to head to our monthly obedience class with other guide dog pups. Midnight was her normal obedient self and my leader complemented me on how I was handling one of the more...excitable pups. * Very Cesar Millanish ha ha*

Sue and SAM play somemore

Group Sit and Stay
Midnight SttingMidnight and Georgie
Midnight neil and sam
The cutie that is Sam

When we got home I decided that my room needed rearranging, and for the next two hours I spent my time, packing up my room and moving boxes around. While navigating around Midnight and Bubbles.

Halfway through Bubbles, who is used to these spurts I go through, got on the couch and curled up under a blanket.
Bubbles under cover

Midnight however...kept getting in the way and I kept tripping over her!

But I did find many of her toys lurking under the furniture! Since then I've placed them in a bucket where she can get to them, and she's taken all of them out and placed them around the floor. Just for me to trip on I think.

I think she's a bit put off my all the rearranging..and moving of her favorite spots..etc.. but she'll survive. :-)

Today was just a plain ol' work day for me...here it is, I work at a doggie daycare..get to bring my dog for free, and what does she do!? SLEEP!!
Midnight in the crate

She climbed in here of her own free will...she likes crates ::big grin::
Midnight in the yard
{ Which one is Midnight? And NO we didn't DRUG any dogs here.. ha ha its the end of the day..they are all tired.}
Liza and Midnight
{Midnight mainly plays with Labs...she and Liza love each other}

Earlier this evening..after swimming through my email, I came across this video that my leader had sent me:

This is the Guide Dog Foundation...:-)
Just seeing this dog working and helping his handler,just reiterated for me why I do what I do. I brings me to tears every time I see something like this, to think "MY" dog could be helping someone just like him!! Yes Its hard to give them up, Giving Midnight up will be one of the hardest things I've ever done... She and I have a bond like no other dog... I love her so much, but to know that she has the potential to make an impact on someones life like this? I can't stop that whatsoever!!!

Ok enough of that ... I need to finish posting SAM's blog for today as well.. so until next time!

Erin & Midnight

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Raising Addie said...

Midnight... go a little easy on mom, ok. You'll find your special spot again. LOL

That video was great! I am always amazed to see how much dogs can improve the lives of people. Service dogs are a breed all their own. Their selfless acts of kindness that give an individual the freedom to live independently is just incredible.

Keep up the wonderful work!