Monday, September 8, 2008

Mountain State Fair {By Erin}

The Mountain State Fair, began Friday morning at 10:00 AM SHARP! The fair is memorable to me because it is, an event we always did as a homeschool group...and over the last couple of years, something I brought my pups too.
Jake - was 6 months old, during his first fair trip...quite young for the length of time we stayed; He did pretty well during the majority of the day, but closer the end of the day; he basically shut down, and let me know he wasn't walking another step. So I plopped his big golden self into our stroller and pushed him around.

Rei was 11 months old, and had a lot more stamina; I was looking forward to going with her, because I was really hoping to wear her out completely...which I did!! She did reasonably well...there were more animals during this time around, and they were FASCINATING to her; so she did a LOT of pulling..

Rei squinting in the sun
Midnight - 11 months as well, did very well considering! She was pretty pully at times, but for the most part walked nicely! I did give up on trying to tell people NOT to pet her; and she did great...that was a pleasant surprise!! She was very interested in the cows and pigs..but surprisingly not so much into the chickens. One of the "attractions" was a herding demonstration..the sheep of course did want to be near the Border collie that was herding them, but felt Midnight was no threat, for the came right up to the fence and was sniffing at her. I wanted to ask the lady about that reaction, but she was busy, and besides they were giving away free chocolate milk a couple stalls down...who am I to miss that!?!?!
I stayed for about six hours, before calling it quits..the heat was pretty much unbearable, and since Midnight was in coat I didn't want her to have a heat stroke...or..etc.
So we went to Applebees for lunch and Air Conditioning. LoL






Hey, we think we visited your other blog. How funny. Anyway, the state fair looks like fun. Way to Jake for getting the humans to push you around. Genius.

Desert Pups

Raising Addie said...

Welcome to DWB! It's a pleasure to meet all of you! You have a wonderful blog! We admire the work you do very much. Addie is training to be a therapy dog. Addie also has a sister named Zoe that is a 14 year old longhaired Dachshund.

We look forward to seeing your two sweet hearts grow up! Please stop by any time. Our doggy door is always open!

Abz-Chelsea said...

I love the last 2 pics, midnight looks gorgeous