Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We Did It! {by Erin}

I said I was going too..and made myself do it! So Bubbles and I went down to the campus ...little did she know what was in store for her!! :-))
It took about 25-30 minutes to walk the whole trail...not too bad, I don't think that's enough to tire Midnight out, but by the time we reached the end of it, Bubbles was worn out. I was impressed by her stamina! I didn't think she would make it the whole way, but she did only stopping twice briefly.
I think she knew when we got close to where I had parked; because she started running toward it. Its going to be interesting walking her and Midnight..but we can do it.
She seemed to enjoy it..even though she's knocked out now. Nothing like the sleep of a well exercised dog. Too bad I have to work tomorrow.
9/2/08 - Bubbles weighs 20.6lbs


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