Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our Day {by Midnight}

My day started out, a little oddly then what I’m used too. Mom has gotten kind of obsessed with this walking thing, and has been taking my neighbor friends and I, on a walk almost every day this week!
Something about exercise, while I think exercise is cool and everything...Its just very hot when we go. Oh well, we did our normal route and came home and ate breakfast.
Just a few minutes after I finished my breakfast, Mom started gathering up her things and my leash, which is a clear signal, that we are going somewhere! And sure enough a few minutes later she called me and we both hopped into the car. Now at this point its all just fuzz,.....I was sleep.
When the car stopped, one of Mom’s friends Mrs. B was looking in the window, talking to her! She was holding a leash, but it didn’t look like a dog on it...well not from my prospective, but mom was sounding all silly over it, so I had to get a better view. I climbed onto Mom’s lap...and all of the sudden found myself back on the floor again! {Touchy,touchy humans.:-(} It was just as well I guess, because Mrs. B came around to my side of the car, and let me out to love on me a little bit.
Turns out..the fuzz ball was a puppy!! Who would have ever thought!! His name is Sam and he’s a guide dog puppy like me!!
I wanted to play with him, but apparently mom didn’t meet them for us to play; So we got into Mrs. B’s car and went for another ride. This ride was really long, and you can probably guess what Sam and I did...?
When we FINALLY arrived at our next destination, I could hear the sounds of many children screaming and laughing; this was going to be fun. Whatever we are doing.
Mom and I went inside ahead of Sam and Mrs. B cause he had to potty; sure enough there were LOTS of kids walking around inside! That made me really excited!! Maybe if I were good enough, mom would let me play with one!! I walked mom into a big room...the media room.... I don't know what that means but anyways.
Mom then took me to a place FAAAR away from the kids, and made me down/stay. I really didn't want to do that, so I kept getting up, and she kept putting me down, after about two times, I contented myself with looking from a far.

Midnight and Sam "fighting over a bone"

Midnight sam
A little while after Mrs. B started talking, mom told me to “Forward” and then to “Find the Stairs”. Which I did very nicely, if I do say so myself! ::grins:: Then mom told me.. “Find the Chair Midnight” I had NO CLUE what she meant, but I just followed her and sat when she signaled me too. Mrs. B talked some more about Sam, and mom had me do some commands. All the kids would clap every time I did it right, that would make me very excited! It seemed like forever until mom let them come and pet me! But she did and I LOVED it. Soon after that, it was time to go home.
Home Again - we stayed about 10 minutes before getting in the car AGAIN! But this time, my “aunties” and their friend were with us.

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Abz-Chelsea said...

Wow sounds like a big day out for all...sounds like the kids & pups just loved it...