Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MidDate: The end of Part 2

Today I got the official announcement that Midnight has been chosen as a breeder, for the Guide Dog Foundation.

I have a lot of mixed emotions right now. I know that its a great honor to have a dog chosen as a breeder, but really and truly I had nothing to do with her temperament. GDF really needs to be patting themselves on the back for breeding her parents!

In the long term, I know she will go far above that which she would be as a guide dog.
Maybe I"m just weird...or just jealous that someone else gets to love her like she's a plain ol' dog.

But whatever the case, I'm proud of her, she was a great dog! I can't wait to see/hear about her puppies!!

And no I will most likely not get to raise one of her pups. Which is another disappointment. But ah well!

I have to wait three months before I can contact her new people to see how she's doing! But I will fill you guys in of course!!

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Proud Puppy Walker of:
1. Jake - Male Golden - Career Changed
2. Rei - Female Black Lab - Guide Dog
3. Midnight - Female Black Lab - Breeder
1. Bubbles - Standard Dachshund - adopted: November 15,2002
2. Texas - Miniature Dachshund - adopted: November 29, 2008


Eduardo said...

Thats great news! Right? I think it's great!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Tibby said...

Hi Erin!
That is great news! I bet Midnight will be a great Mama Dog!
:) Tibby

D0gl0v3r said...

IMO It's an honor!

The Brax Blog said...

I am told that a breeder is a higher step than being a guide.
Go Midnight!!!

Frankie's trainer

Lisa and Ellie said...

Congrats! That's so awesome!

Pepsi said...

You aren't weird, I know exactly how you feel. Having a your pup go in to the breeding program just isn't the same as seeing them placed with a client, but it is a honor and in the end it is totally worth it. Who knows, maybe you can raise one of Midnight's puppies.

D0gl0v3r said...

IMO It's an honor!